Miami Dolphins Tanking Odds: Ready To Go All-IN?

Miami Dolphins Tanking Odds: Ready To Go All-IN?

Prior to the start of training camp, expectations were pretty low on the Miami Dolphins. Then the team preceded to trade away several of its better players convincing many that the team fully intended on tanking this season to secure a high draft pick next year.

It was a notion that new head coach Brian Flores found insulting at the time. But after how his team played in Week One, it looks like they are going to have little trouble, if any, securing the No. 1 pick—or at least one of the top three.

According to several media reports, players were ready to revolt when there were rumors of a Laremy Tunsil trade. After Sunday’s humiliating loss to the Ravens, several players supposedly contacted their agents to see if they can get out of Miami.

If that is indeed the case, first-year head coach Brian Flores is going to have a tough time convincing his players they can be competitive let alone actually win a game—which brings up an interesting question.

Will they? Win a game, that is.

Several oddsmakers have odds on whether a team will go winless this season. FanDuel has the odds set as:

  • Any team to go 0-16 in the regular season?

o  Yes    +850

o  No     -1800

A different book,, has taken it a step further:

  • Will Miami go 0-16 during the regular season?

o  Yes    +700

o  No     -1800

They have also taken the trolling a step further by offering a special on whether Miami makes the playoffs:

  • Miami to make the playoffs?

o  Yes    +5000

The outlook is not good for the Dolphins going forward, and it certainly doesn’t help that they are in a division that includes three pretty decent teams, the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and New England Patriots.

They get to welcome the Patriots to town this weekend and will be 18.5-point underdogs. It isn’t quite the record; that honor belongs to the ’76 Buccaneers who were 27-point underdogs to the Pittsburgh Steelers (and lost, 42-0).

So—is the hate real for the Dolphins? Is there a chance they could go 0-16 this season? Sadly, the answer to that question is yes.

Of their remaining opponents, based off what we saw in Week One, it is going to be hard to imagine the Dolphins beating the Cowboys (Week Three), Chargers (Week Four), Eagles (Week 13), and of course the Patriots (Week 17). While Buffalo and the Jets did not look as good as fans had hoped they would, they still looked good enough to take down their division foe (Weeks Seven, Nine, 11, and 14).

Prior to the season, many would have pegged Washington in Week Six as a distinct possibility for a win. But with Case Keenum threw the ball Sunday against the Eagles, that is not the case anymore. Pittsburgh didn’t look strong Sunday night against the Patriots, but you have to think they will get it together by the time the Dolphins come to town in Week Eight.

The Colts (Week Ten) and Bengals (Week 6) played well enough Sunday to beat the Dolphins. You could even say the Giants (Week 15) did, too. After all, Manning did throw for 300+ yards against the Cowboys.

That leaves the Browns in Week 12.

If the Browns don’t get their act together, then the Dolphins might be able to pull off an upset. But their loss looked worse than it was thanks to three fourth-quarter interceptions—so don’t count on it.

A team has only gone winless on two other occasions, but it looks like we may see a third team do it this season.

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