Las Vegas NFL SuperContest Weekly Recap: Week 1

Las Vegas NFL SuperContest Weekly Recap: Week 1

The 2020 Westgate SuperContest isn’t going to feel quite the same, but there is a major overlay for the quarterly prizes and the contestants in the field don’t really care at this point about the number of entries. That number is 1,172 and is easily the smallest SuperContest field that we’ve seen in several years, as the COVID-19 pandemic and some competition from Circa Sports led to a lower prize pool and a noticeably smaller number of entrants.

Nevertheless, the goal of the SuperContest remains the same. Take your $1,500 entry fee and make the most of it by picking five games against stale spreads that come out on Wednesday. We are not in the SuperContest this season for the first time since 2015 I believe, but we will still be following along with all of the action here at ATS.

The Week 1 slate of games was full of excitement and there were a lot of games that were hanging in the balance in the fourth quarter, but the only games in which the spreads came into play from a contest standpoint were Titans vs. Broncos and Chargers vs. Bengals. The Broncos were the only underdog to cover, but not win outright. The Chargers and Bengals wound up a push, and probably a fortunate one at that with Joe Burrow’s miss of AJ Green and Randy Bullock’s shank on the game-tying field goal.

The Titans game was a much bigger decision for the SuperContest field, as that was one of the top-five consensus picks. The top-five consensus wound up 3-2 with that loss.

There were 27 entries that posted a perfect 5-0 record to start the season. Twelve more entries went 4-0-1 and 137 entries took in a 4-1 week. As always, 3-2 and 2-3 were the most frequent scores.

Here are the Week 1 results:

 WinsLossesTiesWin Percentage
Week 12939264027652.68%
YTD Totals2939264027652.68%

This was a much stronger start than what we saw last season at 49.94% in Week 1. All that talk about uncertainty with COVID-19 and no preseason didn’t seem to bother those in the field. It was a nice opening start and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the SuperContest field with a higher win rate than the Circa. Fewer entries could be a factor, but there could simply be a stronger set of contestants here because the overlay for the Circa Million was widely publicized, but the overlay for the quarterly prizes in the SuperContest was not.

Regardless of the number of entrants, the quarterly prize was $135,000 for the SuperContest. The prize pool for the SuperContest this season is $1,617,360 with the 8% admin fee removed from the $1,500 entry fee. The payout structure is such that 37% goes to the winner, which would be $598,423.20 before taxes this season.

We’re not going to pay as much attention to the SuperContest Gold this season, as that just gets kind of messy. There are 72 entrants in that. We’ll keep the weekly win-loss record, but that’s it for that contest this season.

Here are the Week 1 results in the SuperContest Gold:

 WinsLossesTiesWin Percentage
Week 11931521555.94%
YTD Totals1931521555.94%

A pretty good showing in the SuperContest Gold for Week 1. The top-five consensus also went 3-2 over there with winners on the Rams, Bears, and Cardinals and losses on the Falcons and Browns.

Week 1 to Week 2 is generally the biggest overreaction week of the season in the NFL, so we’ll have to see if the field will be able to stay above the fray with the next round of games.

Here are the results, pick counts, and consensus from Week 1:

1 Chiefs* 47

2 Texans (+9.5) 47


3 Patriots* 199

4 Dolphins (+6.5) 152


5 Ravens* 195

6 Browns (+8) 228


7 Bills* 344 (consensus #1)

8 Jets (+6.5) 140


9 Raiders 169

10 Panthers* (+3) 212


11 Seahawks 129

12 Falcons* (+2.5) 304 (consensus #3)


13 Eagles 228

14 Washington* (+5.5) 193


15 Lions* 126

16 Bears (+3) 202


17 Colts 192

18 Jaguars* (+8) 121


19 Vikings* 166

20 Packers (+2.5) 197


21 Chargers 144 PUSH

22 Bengals* (+3) 132


23 49ers* 117

24 Cardinals (+6.5) 280 (consensus #5)


25 Saints* 170

26 Buccaneers (+3.5) 181


27 Cowboys 138

28 Rams* (+3) 337 (consensus #2)


29 Steelers 243

30 Giants* (+6) 106


31 Titans 303 (consensus #4)

32 Broncos* (+2.5) 113


Consensus record: 7-7-1 (HOU/KC same # picks)

Top-five consensus record: 3-2

YTD consensus record: 7-7-1

YTD top-five consensus record: 3-2

We’ll have a SuperContest preview article on Sunday mornings once the pick counts are known and we’ll have a recap every Tuesday right here at ATS.

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