Kyler Murray Ditches Baseball, Heads to NFL Combine Instead

Kyler Murray Ditches Baseball, Heads to NFL Combine Instead

Kyler Murray was an impressive college athlete, winning the Heisman Trophy after his first year as a starting quarterback. However, he was drafted 9th overall by the Oakland Athletics to play baseball. Now, he’s saying goodbye to baseball to pursue his true love of football.

Tim Tebow and Kyler Murray – what do they have in common? Both had excellent college football careers and a Heisman Trophy in their collection. They also both chose the wrong sport to play professionally.

A few years ago, Tim Tebow decided to give up football and try a swing at baseball. Tebow was having quite a difficult NFL career as a quarterback, and was eventually prompted to switch positions if he wanted to keep playing.

Tebow had no interest in that, so instead he decided to try out baseball. Tim is associated with the New York Mets, but plays for their minor league team. Entering his third year, Tebow is still in the minor leagues and not in the MLB. But for him, he’s doing the right thing and doesn’t want to live with regrets.

Kyler Murray is in a slightly different situation. Kyler was drafted to play baseball, despite winning a Heisman in Football. Murray did have a solid college baseball career, good enough to have him drafted 9th overall by the Oakland Athletics. But his true passion and skill lies in football.

Football It Is

On Saturday, Kyler Murray finally made a decision to commit to playing in the NFL. Murray mentions he’s known this was the plan for a while, but had a hard time telling the A’s. The Athletics gave Murray plenty of space and time to do his own thing and figured out what he wanted. Unfortunately for them, that decision was to play a different sport altogether.

Murray will be visiting the NFL combine next week, but he may not participate very much. He may not even throw at all or participate in any drills, but he did officially list his height as 5’10. This is big in his mind, as it would be one of the first times a player under 6 feet would be selected in the first round. It’s actually highly likely that he will be selected in the first round of the NFL draft, making him the first player to ever be drafted in the first round of multiple sports.

Despite being drafted to play baseball, Kyler doesn’t have any second thoughts. Only football is on his mind as it always has been. Murray was worried about not having an NFL career after only playing a year at Texas A&M, which wasn’t a very good showing. Now having his impressive Heisman Trophy winning year, Murray is in prime position to be drafted.

What a wonderful dilemma for the young man to have, choosing between two sports to play professionally. Many dream of being drafted in just one sport, but this man has the talent to play in multiple. I guess we’ll have to wait for late April to see just where he lands!

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