If the New York Giants are all in on being a terrible football team, they need to trade Saquon Barkley before the 2019 NFL draft. On Tuesday, the Giants got rid of their most explosive offensive weapon. Odell Beckham Jr. was dealt a day before the official start of free agency for a first-round draft pick, a second-round draft pick and safety Jabrill Peppers.

However, the Giants still seem to be all in on playing Eli Manning this season. On the surface, it seems like this nonsense has gone too far. Unfortunately, the on field product has been much worse. Manning doesn’t have the goods, especially without Beckham in the lineup. Now, they are trying to ruin Barkley’s career before it can get started.

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Last season, the Giants finished (5-11) in the NFC East. They were supposed to contend for a playoff spot. Instead, they played like the same football of prior years. Why? Because the quarterback wasn’t even serviceable in most of the games. Yet, they expect Manning to be better in 2019? Oh no, this looks like a recipe for disaster.

Barkley played in all 16 games during his rookie season. Meaning, he only has a few years before the rest of the NFL will try to devalue his worth as a football player. More importantly, Barkley can help playoff contenders win a Super Bowl this year. Thus, you can get a haul for Barkley, especially if you are planning to tank.

Barkley ran for 1,307 yards on 261 rushing attempts. He scored 11 rushing touchdowns and 15 offensive touchdowns overall. He also caught 91 receptions for 721 yards. As a result, he had 352 touches in year one. Do the Giants plan to use him over 400 times in 2019? If that’s the case, a losing mentality is not an option.

There’s nothing wrong with building a football team from inside-out. There’s nothing better than great offensive and defensive line play in the trenches. Still, this didn’t have to be an either or proposition for the Giants. They got rid of Beckham, they should also get rid of Barkley as soon as possible. If you are going to build it, then build it right.

Plus, you can do right by Barkley in the long run. Instead of running him into the ground with Manning at quarterback, you can let him run towards the Hall of Fame in another city.