It’s Crazy But The Dallas Cowboys Are Still Have Great Odds To Make The Playoffs

It’s Crazy But The Dallas Cowboys Are Still Have Great Odds To Make The Playoffs

With how the Dallas Cowboys have been playing, it would be nicer to fans if the season were to come to a merciful end in a few weeks. Extending it into the playoffs would almost legitimize the season; make it appear to be a good one.

But the odds still favor the Cowboys making it into the postseason.

Anyone that watched them fall for a third week in a row on Thursday Night Football, this time against the Chicago Bears, knows the playoffs are the last place the Cowboys belong. However, according to the oddsmakers at DraftKings, they are going to make it:

  • Dallas Cowboys to make playoffs
    • Yes -137
    • No +113

That translates into a 57.81 percent chance they make it, and a 46.95 percent chance they don’t make it.

Since the best they can do is finish 9-7, that means there only chance of making it in is to win the NFC East. FanDuel gives the Cowboys -140 odds to win the division, gives the Eagles +115, and the Redskins +35000.

So, it looks like it is going to be a dogfight with the Eagles—but with the odds slightly in Dallas’ favor.

The Eagles have a pretty easy slate ahead with two games against the Giants, one against the Redskins, and a rematch with the Cowboys. Should they play as well as the experts think they can, they should easily take down the Giants and Redskins. That would mean beating the Cowboys to finish with a 9-7 record.

That would mean the Cowboys are at best 8-8 and the Eagles win the division. So, does that mean the Cowboys need to win out to make it? Not exactly, there are scenarios where they can still win the division if they are 8-8 depending on how well the Eagles finish.

If they and the Eagles are 8-8, and Dallas lost to the Eagles and either Washington or the Rams, Philadelphia would be in. If they are 8-8, but the Eagles lost to the Cowboys, then it would take the Cowboys losing to the Rams and Washington to get the Eagles in.

Confused yet?

For Dallas, it means beating the Rams and Eagles are the key. The Rams have had their own struggles this season but then had Jared Goff throw for 400+ last week. With how the Dallas defense is playing, it is hard to see them slowing Goff or Todd Gurley down.

But somehow, the Cowboys are favored by three points (via FanDuel).

Dallas destroyed the Eagles earlier in the year, but a lot has happened to both teams since then. So, there is no telling who is going to come out on to in that one.

Any chance the Eagles have is going to be based on them getting it right, too. They are certainly not a lock to play any better than the Cowboys have over the remainder of the season.

So—how should you bet?

If you must—take the Cowboys. But these are two bad teams going nowhere fast; this one is better left alone.

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