Is It Safe To Consider the Jacksonville Jaguars A Lock For Least Wins This Season?

Is It Safe To Consider the Jacksonville Jaguars A Lock For Least Wins This Season?

The Jacksonville Jaguars were not a terrible team last season. With a record of 6-10, they were not a good one either, of course. But they were also far from the worst. When they failed to take a quarterback in the draft’s early rounds, many went ahead and wrote them off for 2020.

They are one of a few sportsbooks have posted odds to go winless (0-16). Many have also given the Jaguars strong odds to have the worst record in the league this year. Just because they decided to get behind Gardner Minshew as the quarterback of the immediate future?

That was not the only reason, of course. But in light of some of the recent moves the Jaguars made, they are looking like a pretty safe bet to win the fewest games this year (odds via BetRivers):

  • Team to win least games, excluding playoffs
    • Jacksonville Jaguars +200
    • Carolina Panthers, Washington Football Team +550
    • Cincinnati Bengals +900
    • New York Jets +1100
    • Miami Dolphins, New York Giants +1200
    • Detroit Lions +1400
    • Las Vegas Raiders +2000
    • Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos` +3000
    • Chicago Bears, Houston Texans +3300
    • Cleveland Browns, LA Chargers, LA Rams          +4000
    • Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots +5000
    • Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans +6000
    • Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings +6600
    • Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7000
    • Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks +8000
    • Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers +10000

Jacksonville didn’t have a lot to go on this year. The team did pick up a good linebacker in Joe Schobert. If Tyler Eifert can stay healthy, he might be a good target in the passing game. But, for once, the team did not go nuts in free agency. But they did make a few strong selections in the draft.

So, there was a little reason to have hope they could at least match last year’s win total. But after the moves they made the last few days, it’s a lot harder to make that argument.

First, there was the trade that got rid of one of the best defensive linemen in the league, Yannick Ngakoue. Tack on the release of former first-round pick Leonard Fournette and it is hard to have faith in the Jaguars this year.

Fournette was far from a lock to bounce back this year, but by cutting him, it looks like the Jaguars don’t even want to try to win.

With Trevor Lawrence (and maybe Dabo Swinney) the prize at the end of the tunnel, perhaps they don’t want to…

So—how should you bet?

Jacksonville is by far the safest bet. They were already not a good team, but then managed to get worse. Now, Washington could give them a run for their money, and not too many have confidence in Carolina this year. But the Jaguars are, without a doubt, the best team to put your money on here.

However, if you are interested in taking some risk, the Detroit Lions are not looking too promising. At +1400, betting on them may be worth the risk.

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