Indianapolis Colts Futures Odds: Time To Start Worrying About Andrew Luck?

Indianapolis Colts Futures Odds: Time To Start Worrying About Andrew Luck?

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts have probably been looking forward to this season since the moment the 2018-19 season ended for their team. Andrew Luck was back, and after a slow start, the team was dominant down the stretch—until they ran into the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs.

But despite that loss, fans and oddsmakers saw enough from the Colts last season to give them pretty favorable odds this season. As of August 14th, according to PointsBet, the odds on the Colts are as follows:

  • Super Bowl: +1100
  • AFC: +550
  • AFC South: -130
  • Wins: 10 (Over +105; Under -125)

So, they are basically expected to win nine games and their division and then give whoever the competition is a run for their money to win the AFC (only two teams have shorter odds) and possibly the Super Bowl (only four teams have shorter odds).

However, in light of recent comments from Colts owner Jim Irsay, it may be time to pump the brakes a little.

Luck has not been practicing because of what was reported to be a calf strain. The team even stated it was going to proceed with caution because of what happened to Kevin Durant during the NBA Playoffs. But then Jim Irsay commented on Luck’s injury during an interview an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio:

“… After the Kevin (Durant) thing and everything, everyone’s erring on the side of caution, but quite frankly, this is not even in the Achilles tendon. This is in another area, it’s a bone — I’m not good at these things — it’s a small little bone, and (former Colts) Ryan Diem had it, and Raheem Brock had it, the trainers told me…”


The fact that the team led fans to believe Luck has been suffering from some calf injury all this time and now Irsay is changing the narrative is concerning enough. But then Irsay went on to say how confident he is that Luck will be back and ready to go for the season opener—just like he did back in 2017 in regards to Luck’s shoulder injury.

Any timetable given by Irsay can’t be trusted. But what should be even more worrisome is the nature of the ‘bone issue.’ What are they talking about? If it was something like bone spurs, why not just say so, deal with them, and give a timetable on his return?

Could it be because the issue is more serious, and he could be out for a while? Why give the competition more time to prepare if you don’t have to?

So—does this mean you shouldn’t bet on the Colts? Not necessarily; but it does mean you shouldn’t bet on them yet.

Jacoby Brissett is a decent back-up, but he is no Andrew Luck.  Back in 2017, the team went 4-12 with him at the helm. But that was with no training camp or preseason to learn the system and a different coaching staff. He will be much better prepared if called upon this season.

However, the competition in the AFC South is going to be tight this season. They can be competitive with Brissett, but can they win? That is a good question. Since we can’t really answer that yet, don’t put any money down on the Colts.

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