Colin Kaepernick Resolves Collusion Issues Against Him With the NFL

Colin Kaepernick Resolves Collusion Issues Against Him With the NFL

After standing up (or rather kneeling) against racial inequality and police brutality, Kaepernick found himself unable to find an NFL team to play for. Colin Kaepernick is an excellent NFL quarterback, but an even better political activist. Using his influential position as a star sports player, Kaepernick took a stand in 2016 by kneeling during the national anthem. He did it to stand up against racial inequality and police brutality, something that has been particularly out of control the last few years.

Colin’s brave stand was the first of many to come after him. Despite his raw talent at football, the NFL essentially declared Kaepernick as unemployable and unable to be of any help to any team, which is a load of steaming garbage considering how many starting quarterbacks he could replace in the league. What it really was, was a collective effort by the NFL to oppress Colin’s political activism.


It wasn’t to be unexpected, and Kaepernick likely full-well knew what his actions would lead to. That doesn’t make the situation and less disappointing. It takes us back to the roots of corrupt men with power simply snuffing out anyone who points out their wrongdoings. Kaepernick didn’t do anything wrong, other than to be a messenger, who as we know always gets shot.


Now, it is 2019, and the invisible ban of Colin Kaepernick in the NFL has been lifted. The NFL has finally realized their wrongdoing, and an agreement has been made behind closed doors. To put it more simply, Kaepernick stuck it to the man and came out on top.

Colin hasn’t played in nearly three years, but still managed to scoop up a Nike deal based sheerly off the raw influence he has. At least Nike is ahead of the curve, backing those that support social justice. Not everyone was thrilled about Kaepernick becoming a face of Nike, but those that despise him are really fighting positive change.

Now that the invisible ban has been lifted from Colin, he is absolutely looking to get back onto the field. There is a good possibility he could end up with the Patriots or Panthers for this upcoming season. The 31 year old still has a lot of gas in the tank, and has a few missed season to make up for.

Colin serves as a great example for us all, to stand up for what we believe in. It’s a shame that we still live in an era where those who speak up are smashed down as quickly as possible. Those that have power are terrified of losing it. Hopefully from here on out, this can serve as an example to any sport trying to involve itself in politics. It’s not your game, and it’s not your game to shut down.




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