Heading into the 2019 season opener Thursday night, the Chicago Bears were considered one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl.  In fact, Vegas sportsbooks have taken more bets on the Bears to win the Super Bowl than any other team. But it isn’t just the team that has been popular. The Bears quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, is second to only Baker Mayfield in bets to win MVP.

But after how the game played out, those Bears supporters are probably not feeling too good about their bet.

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While the defense turned in an admirable game in holding Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense to just ten points, the offense was uninspiring. They struggled to run the ball gaining only 46 yards on 15 total carries—and the passing game was nothing special either. Trubisky ended up completing 26 of 45 attempts for 228 yards and an interception (in the endzone late in the fourth quarter that pretty much ended the game).

The Bears ended the game with just 254 yards of offense and scored a field goal that was set up primarily by excellent field position following a punt.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy was not happy with his offense’s performance and made that point clear after the game:

“Three points is ridiculous … Obviously unacceptable. I was proud of our defense. I thought they played their ass off tonight. Offensively, not good enough. And we’re going to fix it. Our guys know that….”

Many sportsbooks wasted no time reacting to the game and made the Bears odds to win the division and the Super Bowl longer. Most had them under +1000 to win the Super Bowl before the game, but some now have them as high as +2000. DraftKings now has them listed as +1800.

As for their division odds, they were favored to win the NFC North by most books, but not anymore. The odds among the Bears, Packers, and Vikings remain close, but with Green Bay now favored to win rather than Chicago. DraftKings has the division as:

  • Green Bay Packers +160
  • Chicago Bears +200
  • Minnesota Vikings +210
  • Detroit Lions +1200

It is not hard to understand why oddsmakers made the odds on the Bears longer. Yes, their defense looks like it could be just as dominant if not more so this year than it was last year. But with how the offense played, it is hard to see them winning the division let alone the Super Bowl—which is why betting on them now has a lot of value.

Green Bay is not known for having a dominant defense; the Packers have been the ‘Aaron Rodgers Show’ for years. While Trubisky and the Bears offense did not play well, part of the reason was that the Packers defense didn’t allow them to.

Trubisky is better than he played; the Bears offense is better than they played. Matt Nagy will figure something out, and they will be better in the weeks ahead. Will they win the division? That is a tough question to answer—so don’t bet on them to win the division if you haven’t already done so.

As for the Super Bowl—go ahead and put a little money down (nothing you can’t handle losing, though). Their chances of winning are about what they were before except now the odds reflect those changes– and let you win more money while betting less.