Cam Newton vs Tom Brady Betting Props & Odds for 2020 NFL Season

Cam Newton vs Tom Brady Betting Props & Odds for 2020 NFL Season

With how last season played out, it was not clear what the future held for Tom Brady and Cam Newton. But with how their off-season’s played out, the two will be linked in the history books—depending on how the season plays out for their new teams, Brady’s Buccaneers and Newton’s Patriots.

Sportsbooks have already speculated on how Brady can impact what the future holds for the Buccaneers. With Newton recently signing with the Patriots and expected to start, fans, the media, and oddsmakers are still speculating on his potential impact.

For those that like to debate the value players like Tom Brady and Cam Newton can bring to a team, has posted a series of props related to both former MVPs:

  • Cam Newton to record more total Touchdowns (passing/rushing/receiving) than Tom Brady in the 2020 regular season (NFL)
    • Yes +250

Newton will definitely have more rushing touchdowns than Brady this season. However, since he is lacking as a passer and doesn’t have much to work with in New England, he will not throw too many touchdown passes.

But with the weapons (Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski) Brady is going to have in Tampa Bay, it is hard to imagine him not having a great year. Pass on this bet; Brady is going to smoke him.

  • Patriots to Win more games than the Buccaneers in the 2020 regular season
    • Yes +125

This one is a little tougher to call. While Brady could do wonders with the Bucs offense, he can’t make a defense that ranked 29th in points allowed/game last season (28.1) better. With the No. 1 scoring defense backing him up (14.1 points/game), Newton will not need to do as much.

But offense wins games, so look for the Bucs to win more and pass on this one.

  • Buccaneers & Patriots each to Win over 10.5 Games in the 2020 regular season
    • Yes +700

Both are favored to cover their win total at BetRivers (nine for New England and 9.5 for Tampa Bay). Could both win eleven, though? At those odds, the chances of it happening are worth putting a little money down.

  • Buccaneers to Win the NFC South & Patriots to Win the AFC East
    • Yes +450

Without Newton, sportsbooks were split between the Patriots or Bills in the AFC East. With him, most are favoring the Patriots to win it. But while many believe the Buccaneers have a shot at winning the NFC South, don’t count on it.

  • Cam Newton to Win Comeback Player of the Year in the 2020 season
    • Yes +400

Newton could make an incredible case for the Comeback Player of the Year, but there are too many guys in better situations. Pass on this one.

  • Bill Belichick or Bruce Arians to Win Coach of the Year in the 2020 season
    • Yes +550

With the number of great candidates for Coach of the Year this season, combining these two in one bet makes this wager a good choice. If Brady and Newton can live up to expectations, both coaches will be in the conversation at the end of the season.

Take this one (but don’t bet the house).

  • Cam Newton to make the Pro Bowl in the 2020 season (Player must be part of the initial Pro Bowl team selections for the bet to be settled as Win)
    • Yes +150

If the Patriots win this season, it will be more because of the defense and run game than Newton. He could still make the Pro Bowl, but he is more likely to do it as an alternate.

Pass on this one.

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