Buy Teams for the Start of the 2020 NFL Season

Buy Teams for the Start of the 2020 NFL Season

Sleepers. Buy teams. Play-on teams. Whatever you want to refer to them as, there are always teams that you want to wager on going into a season. Adam Burke and Brian Blessing have some of their own as well and they shared those teams with our readers and viewers on this video.

You always want to have a plan going into a new season, whether that means specific teams or just specific betting angles that you want to follow through with based on your research and your handicapping.

For Adam and Brian, they talked about a few teams in the AFC and a couple of teams in the NFC that fit the mold as play-on teams. They even agreed on one of their buy teams and had some dissenting opinions to play devil’s advocate with one another.

Do you agree with Adam? With Brian? Do you have your own teams? Whether you do or you don’t it never hurts to listen to somebody else’s takes to either challenge your own opinions or maybe see things from a different side.

Here are their thoughts and the teams in the spotlight:

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