For the last two seasons, the Los Angeles Rams have been one of the more entertaining teams in the NFL to watch. In the last two years, they have gone from making the playoffs to making (but losing) the Super Bowl.   But now comes the hard part.

Not only do they need to figure out how to get back to the big game, but they need to figure out what they need to do to win it, this time.

On the surface, the answer to that may seem easy. Todd Gurley needs to be 100 percent and play better defense. With Gurley’s knee being arthritic, the best they can probably do is limit his reps (which will likely lead to C.J. Anderson being re-signed. As for the defense, well—that may take a little work.

They were not bad on defense, but in some ways, they were not good either. For one, they ranked 20th in points allowed. They were okay against the pass (14th) but not so great against the run (23rd). But with the offense they have, they don’t need to turn it into one of the best in the country.

They just need it to be a little better than it was.

The addition of Eric Weddle to the secondary should help but apparently not enough for to consider moving their line. They still have the Rams at +1000 to win the Super Bowl next season. However, had they (or any other sportsbook) reconfigured the Rams odds, it would have been premature.

There is an excellent chance the Rams defense looks drastically different next year. Weddle is a good addition, but once free agency starts, they could lose Ndamukong Suh, LaMarcus Joyner, Dante Fowler Jr., along with other defensive players set to become free agents.

Weddle is a good player, but if the Rams lose Joyner, Suh, and Fowler in free agency, they are not going to be better off. Of course, with $34.4 million in cap space, they could make a few helpful additions in the days ahead as well.

So—should you wait a few days and then put some money on the Rams or put money down now before the odds get shorter?

Actually, you should skip these guys altogether. Why? Because history tells us that they will more than likely not make it back to the Super Bowl, let alone win it.

Teams that lose the Super Bowl just don’t tend to make it back the following year. Yes, that is what the Patriots did last year, but they are one of the rare exceptions. They are only the second AFC team to do so. The other was the Miami Dolphins who won Super Bowl VII after losing to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI.

The Dallas Cowboys are the only NFC team ever to accomplish the task winning Super Bowl VI after getting beaten by the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V.

Does that mean the Rams have lost before the offseason has really begun? Has the Super Bowl hangover already claimed its next victim? Of course not!

Assuming Gurley can make it through the season, if Aqib Talib can stay healthy and Weddle lives up to expectations, the secondary could be one of the best in the business.

It will have to be to take down the Saints.