Betting On Pittsburgh Steelers First Win May Be A Little Tricky

Betting On Pittsburgh Steelers First Win May Be A Little Tricky

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a good team. They no longer have two of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL in Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. But they still have Ben Roethlisberger, James Conner appears to be a solid, reliable running back, and JuJu Smith-Schuster could be ready to take over the role as the No. 1 guy in the passing game (which he kind of did last season).

With the defense finally coming together again, the Steelers could be in for a great season and are a team many believe could make it to the Super Bowl (+1800 to win at FanDuel) this season. So, when it comes to putting some money down on when they win their first game, it should be an easy decision.

Not exactly.

If it were a lesser team or even one of the better ones, the decision would be easy. Pittsburgh will win in Week One. But that is not the case for their Week One opponent—the New England Patriots. The Patriots are a team they can beat, but it is not going to be an easy game; it is certainly far from a lock (New England is favored by six).

Okay, so then you go with their Week Two opponent. But they are not going to be an easy win either, the Seattle Seahawks. If Jimmy Garoppolo can live up to the hype (finally), Week Three’s game is not a guaranteed win either.

Then comes their Week Four game against the Bengals. The payout will be nice if this ends up being the game (+750), but is there really that much of a chance the Steelers start the season 0-3?

The odds (according to FanDuel) on when the Pittsburgh Steelers will get their first win are as follows:

  • Week 1 vs. New England Patriots +230
  • Week 2 vs. Seattle Seahawks -105
  • Week 3 vs. San Francisco 49ers +550
  • Week 4 vs. Cincinnati Bengals +750
  • Week 5 vs. Baltimore Ravens +3200
  • Week 6 vs. LA Chargers +9000
  • Week 8 vs. Miami Dolphins +6000
  • Week 9 vs. Indianapolis Colts +25000
  • Week 10 vs. LA Rams +25000
  • Week 11 vs. Cleveland Browns +25000
  • Week 12 vs. Cincinnati Bengals +25000
  • Week 13 vs. Cleveland Browns +25000
  • Week 14 vs. Arizona Cardinals +25000
  • Week 15 vs. Buffalo Bills +25000
  • Week 16 vs. New York Jets +25000
  • Week 17 vs. Baltimore Ravens +25000
  • Go Winless +25000

So—how should you bet?

What makes the decision even harder than it should be, is New England’s habit of starting slow. Since 2010, they have only had one undefeated September (2015). Should they have another slow start, the stage could be set for the Steelers to get a win. But if they don’t…

They will probably beat the Seahawks. But if Seattle gets the run game going like it had last year, Big Ben may not get the chance to score enough to win the game.

If they were to fall to 0-2, San Francisco is a team they should beat as well. But if Jimmy Garoppolo can get the 49ers offense rolling, the Steelers could be in trouble.

On the off chance they do go 0-3, well—they will not go 0-4. The Bengals will go down.

If you are going to bet this one, split whatever you are planning on betting between Week 1 and Week 3. They could take down Seattle, but if you are going to gamble, you might as well try to win some money.

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