Radio Sports Betting Podcast September 22, 2020 Radio Sports Betting Podcast September 22, 2020

Host Adam Burke and recurring guest Brian Blessing are never short on words or thoughts. They had a lot of both on the Tuesday edition of Radio to talk about Week 3 of the NFL and the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals. There were a lot of picks and analysis on NFL games for this week and Brian shared a pick for Game 3 on Wednesday night that you’ll definitely want to hear.

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On the Tuesday September 22 edition of Radio, host Adam Burke and guest Brian Blessing kicked off with the NFL and finished up with some NHL Stanley Cup Finals action. On the NFL side, Adam and Brian talked about the rash of injuries and whether or not there were any overreactions with the odds or any of the games on the board.

A highlight video discussion that encompassed a lot of their Week 2 thoughts took up a good portion of the show, including breakdowns of Rams vs. Bills, Chiefs vs. Ravens, Washington vs. Browns, and Bengals vs. Eagles. Adam and Brian wrapped up with a look at the Stanley Cup Finals as a whole and our esteemed guest’s pick for Game 3.

Join us again on Thursday when we chat with Brad Powers about college football and the NFL.

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