Radio Sports Betting Podcast September 15, 2020 Radio Sports Betting Podcast September 15, 2020

We’re still finding our rhythm here with Radio with the site switch and everything happening in the sports world, but we felt it best to make sure to do an audio component along with the video stuff for the shows with host Adam Burke and Brian Blessing. So that’s what we did on September 15 with NFL Week 2 thoughts and some U.S. Open picks.

Content is in big supply at right now and we encourage you to check out everything that we have going on over there, including our additional podcast content and all of the picks and predictions articles. We’re also covering the top industry promotions on the sportsbook side as well.

Host Adam Burke was joined by Brian Blessing for a new edition of Radio and two accompanying highlight videos that you can check out on our ATS YouTube page. Adam and Brian talked about Week 1 to Week 2 overreactions based on what we saw in terms of opening lines and also the line moves that have taken place thus far. Along those same NFL lines, the guys talked about their early picks for Week 2 and their justifications for those positions.

Adam and Brian also shared some thoughts on the U.S. Open at Winged Foot, including some background on the course and the players that they like for this weekend’s major.

Join us on Thursday when we chat with Brad Powers about Week 3 college football and Week 2 NFL.

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