The NCAA March Madness Bracket is Set; Duke, UNC, Virginia and Gonzaga Earn Top Seeds

Following CBS Sports much anticipated March Madness Selection Show, the NCAA Tournament bracket is officially set and ready for play Thursday.


As expected, coming off their impressive ACC Championship victory over Florida State, Zion Williamson and the Duke Blue Devils were awarded the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament (and No. 1 in the East). Duke is joined at the top of the bracket by fellow ACC juggernauts Virginia (No. 1 in the South) and North Carolina (No. 1 in the Midwest), alongside the WCC’s Gonzaga (No. 1 in the West).


Notably, this year’s tournament marks the second time in NCAA history that three teams from the same conference have been chosen as No. 1 seeds. This is the first time that all three teams have been from the ACC. The Big East, in 2009, is the only other conference to ever have three No. 1 seeds.


Virginia, who has earned a No. 1 seed for the second consecutive season, is hoping to avoid a repeat of their historic embarrassment last season, in their upcoming matchup against No. 16 Gardner-Webb. Following a 20-point loss to the UMBC Retrievers in 2018, Virginia became the first No. 1 seed in NCAA Tournament history to lose to a No. 16 seed (since the expansion to a 64-team bracket in 1985).


North Carolina will face off against No. 16 Iona, while Gonzaga and Duke’s matchups will be determined by the winner of Tuesday and Wednesday’s First Four game between Fairleigh Dickinson & Prairie View A&M, and North Dakota St. & N. C. Central. Rounding out the remaining First Four matchups are the last four at-large teams to earn entrance into the tournament, Belmont, Temple, Arizona St., and St. John’s.


Full NCAA Bracket Seeds & Matchups (First Round):


East Region


No. 1 Duke v. No. 16 North Dakota St./N.C. Central


No. 2 Michigan State v. No. 15 Bradley


No. 3. LSU v. No. 14 Yale


No. 4 Virginia Tech v. No. 13 Saint Louis


No. 5 Mississippi St. v. No. 12 Liberty


No. 6 Maryland v. No. 11 Belmont/Temple


No. 7 Louisville v. No. 10 Minnesota


No. 8 VCU v. No. 9 UCF


South Region


No. 1 Virginia v. No. 16 Gardner-Webb


No. 2 Tennessee v. No. 15 Colgate


No. 3. Purdue v. No. 14 Old Dominion


No. 4 Kansas St. v. No. 13 Irvine


No. 5 Wisconsin St. v. No. 12 Oregon


No. 6 Villanova v. No. 11 St. Mary’s (Cal.)


No. 7 Cincinnati v. No. 10 Iowa


No. 8 Mississippi v. No. 9 Oklahoma


West Region


No. 1 Gonzaga v. No. 16 Fairleigh Dickinson/Prairie View A&M


No. 2 Michigan v. No. 15 Montana


No. 3. Texas Tech v. No. 14 Northern Kentucky


No. 4 Florida State v. No. 13 Vermont


No. 5 Marquette v. No. 12 Murray State


No. 6 Buffalo v. No. 11 Arizona St./St. John’s


No. 7 Nevada v. No. 10 Florida


No. 8 Syracuse v. No. 9 Baylor


Midwest Region


No. 1 North Carolina v. No. 16 Iona


No. 2 Kentucky v. No. 15 Abilene Christian


No. 3. Houston v. No. 14 Georgia State


No. 4 Kansas v. No. 13 Northeastern


No. 5 Auburn v. No. 12 New Mexico St.


No. 6 Iowa St. v. No. 11 Ohio State


No. 7 Wofford v. No. 10 Seton Hall


No. 8 Utah State v. No. 9 Washington

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