Odds To Make The College Football Playoffs This Season?

Odds To Make The College Football Playoffs This Season?

The good thing about predicting which teams will make the College Football Playoffs is that you get four chances (since there are four slots). That gives analysts and gamblers some room for error. There isn’t just one right answer; there are four. FoxBet.com is offering odds on certain foursomes to make the college football playoffs in 2020:

Odds To Make The College Football Playoff:

  • Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St & Oklahoma +270
  • Clemson, Ohio St, Oklahoma & Georgia +400
  • Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St & LSU +440
  • Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St & Texas +460
  • Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia & LSU +750
  • Ohio St, Oklahoma, Georgia & LSU +1100
  • Clemson, Alabama, Notre Dame & Texas +1400
  • Clemson, Alabama, Penn St, Oklahoma +2800
  • Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU & Notre Dame +3500
  • Clemson, Texas, Florida & Auburn +3800
  • Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St & Georgia +335
  • Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma & Georgia +410
  • Alabama, Ohio St, Oklahoma & Georgia +450
  • Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St & Notre Dame +460
  • Clemson, Alabama, Georgia & LSU +875
  • Clemson, Alabama, LSU & Notre Dame +1350
  • Clemson, Georgia, LSU & Notre Dame +2300
  • Clemson, Notre Dame, Texas & Florida +3100
  • Clemson, LSU, Notre Dame & Texas +3500
  • Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame & Texas +4600

So—who should you bet on?

This year, it will be tougher to craft a solid argument for anyone since spring practices and games were canceled. Without them, we can only guess how well teams will be able to fill the holes in their roster left by graduation and the NFL.

But for many teams, a solid case can be made anyway. For example, Clemson is as close as we are going to get to a lock to make it in. With Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne coming back, their offense is going to be in spectacular shape.

Clemson has only missed the playoffs once (the first one), which means it is safe to assume Dabo Swinney will have the team poised to make a return trip to the playoffs.

While Swinney and the Tigers have only missed the first playoffs, last season was the first time Nick Saban and Alabama didn’t make it. With LSU coming back down to Earth this year, there doesn’t appear to be anyone that can challenge Alabama in the SEC this year.

With Justin Fields back for Ohio State, the Buckeyes will likely be back in the mix again as well. So, that means the field will consist of Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State. The question then becomes who will be the fourth.

From the options FoxBet.com has listed, the possible teams include Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU, Texas, and Notre Dame.

Of the five, oddsmakers give Oklahoma the best chance (+125). With the magic Lincoln Riley has worked so far, the Sooners have a legitimate shot. But this will also be the first season Riley has not had a Heisman-caliber quarterback land in his lap.

Georgia has solid odds (+175) as well, but their offense is a big mystery right now with their quarterback and running back now in the NFL. LSU, as the defending champions, deserve to be in the conversation. But with all the holes they have to fill, they do not look like a good choice.

As for Texas—come on. They are in the conversation because everyone wants to be able to say they knew it all along; that Texas was really back (don’t count on it).

That leaves Notre Dame. With Ian Book and a good offensive line coming back, they might have a shot. But Book is going to need time with his new, young wide receivers.

Who should you bet on?

Take Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and either Oklahoma or Notre Dame. If you are willing to take a risk on some longer odds, give the Clemson/Alabama/Penn State/Oklahoma option some serious thought.


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