How Confident Do You Feel About Oklahoma, Ohio State, And Indiana This Week?

How Confident Do You Feel About Oklahoma, Ohio State, And Indiana This Week?

It is likely going to be pretty easy for most college football fans to say they feel confident about the Sooners and Buckeyes. But Indiana? Unless they really follow the Big Ten, they are going to have to do some research.

What they will find is that while Indiana is not known for its football team, this year, they aren’t half-bad. But this week they face a pretty decent Nebraska team who is favored by 2.5.

So, back to the original question. If you do feel confident in all three teams, then DraftKings has an odds boost promo you may be interested in:

  • Oklahoma -23.5 & Ohio State -14.5 & Indiana -1.5 +770

Of course, the hard part about it is it only takes one team to lose on their end for the bet to be lost. But, the risk entailed is why the odds are what they are—and why the payout will be a nice one.

So—should you take the bet? Before deciding, let’s examine the three games in question: Oklahoma vs. Kansas State; Wisconsin vs. Ohio State; Indiana vs. Nebraska

Kansas State (4-2) is not a bad team. Skylar Thompson is having a good year overall (80-133 for 994 yards, seven touchdowns, and an interception) but not a great one. Their defense has been tough against the pass (152.5 yards/game allowed) but not so tough against the run (195.2 yards/game allowed).

But Oklahoma is one of the best teams in the country and has a Heisman-caliber quarterback leading the way. The Sooners defense is actually giving up more points a game than K-State’s (19.4 to 18.7), but that is likely because they can afford to since they score over 50 points a game.

Oklahoma is only 4-3 against the spread this year, but this one looks one they can cover (-23.5). Ohio State, on the other hand, may have a tougher time covering -14.5.

The Buckeyes offense is incredible with its Heisman-caliber quarterback leading the way in Justin Fields. Running back J.K. Dobbins is a Heisman hopeful having a great year (134 carries for 947 yards and seven touchdowns). Their defense has been stingy as well, averaging only eight points allowed a game.

So, it is going to be hard for the Badgers to slow them down and then also score enough to win. Their passing game isn’t strong enough, and while they have a stud running back in Jonathan Taylor, if he struggles against Ohio State’s defense, they are in trouble.

Ohio State has too many weapons on offense for Wisconsin to stop so they will score. The Badgers best defense is going to be Jonathan Taylor grinding out the clock. He’ll do okay, but not so good the Badgers can win. They might be able to cover the 14.5-point spread.

As for Indiana, the Hoosiers have beaten teams they should have beaten this so far and lost to the ones they should have lost to. They have played well at times and do score more (33.4 points/game) then they allow (20.9). Nebraska can’t make the same claim (25.6 and 27.6).

Both could be considered good teams, which means this will likely be a competitive game. Can Indiana win by a couple of points? Possibly.

So—how should you bet?

Oklahoma will cover their end of the bet, but I am less confident the Buckeyes will cover their end. Indiana-Nebraska could easily go either way. The odds are good enough to warrant making a small wager, but don’t be shocked if this one doesn’t pay.

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