Radio Sports Betting Podcast September 14, 2020 Radio Sports Betting Podcast September 14, 2020

It sure seems like host Adam Burke and professional handicapper and bettor Kyle Hunter have rounded into midseason form already with their podcast and highlight videos for Radio. The guys had a lot to discuss this week, including power ratings adjustments, misleading box scores, game previews and predictions, and a whole lot more.

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Host Adam Burke and guest Kyle Hunter started on the college football side by talking about the power ratings adjustments that they made from Week 1 to Week 2 and what that process entails. The guys then talked about box score study for a highlight video and talked about some of the misleading final scores from last week. Then they touched briefly on home field advantage and market entry before looking at Miami vs. Louisville, Houston vs. Baylor, and Navy vs. Tulane.

On the NFL side of the ledger, the guys also keyed in on some misleading final scores and then talked about Bengals vs. Browns for Thursday Night Football and then Colts vs. Vikings and also Bills vs. Dolphins to round out the show.

Join us for The Bettor’s Box on Tuesday and some more YouTube video content with Brian Blessing.

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