World Series Props: How Will The World Series End And When?

World Series Props: How Will The World Series End And When?

When the World Serie began, the Houston Astros were expected to regain their championship form and take down the Washington Nationals. While they still can, so far—it isn’t looking too good for the 2017 World Series Champions.

From how the first two games have gone, it is looking like the Nationals could win their first World Series title this year. But the Series is far from over, which also means fans can still bet on the eventual outcome.

If you are just interested in the outcome, the Astros are no longer the favorite (odds via

  • Washington Nationals -270
  • Houston Astros +220

According to those odds, the Nationals now have a 72.97 percent chance of winning the Series and the Astros only a 31.25 percent chance.

While Houston may have been the best team during the regular season, they have been in a slump for most of the postseason. Their star pitchers are getting hit, and their potent offense has been shut down.

While the Nationals have been playing above and beyond their talent, the Astros have done nothing to remind them that they aren’t that good (or at least they weren’t in the regular season). Based on what we have seen so far, the smart choice to win it all has to be the Nationals.

But it could also be the perfect time to bet on Houston since the odds (and payout) will never be higher (unless they lose Game Three, but then betting on them would be foolish).

For those interested in betting on more than the outcome, FanDuel is offering a few interesting prop bets:

  • Total Number of Games
    • Four +320
    • Five +290
    • Six +300
    • Seven +200

At this point, it is not hard to see the Series ending in four. But you would hope the Astros would get it together enough to win at least one game. If you are still holding out hope that the Astros are going to win, then your best bet would be to go with seven games.

  • Series Correct Score
    • Washington Nationals 4-0      +320
    • Washington Nationals 4-1 +290
    • Washington Nationals 4-2 +500
    • Washington Nationals 4-3 +550
    • Houston Astros 4-2 +750
    • Houston Astros 4-3 +350

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