There were a handful of teams that came into the 2019 MLB season with high expectations. Several have postseason aspirations, of course. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to dominate the regular season.

It just means they will win enough to qualify for the playoffs.

But who is going to win the most during the regular season? Better yet—is there anyone that can win 100 or more games during the regular season this year?

No one had a win total projection over 100 games to start the season, but with the second half of the season about to get underway following the All-Star break, there are three. According to DraftKings, the Astros, Dodgers, and Yankees have projections in the 100+ range:

  • Houston Astros
    • Over 100.5 -110
    • Under 100.5 -110
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Over 103.5 -110
    • Under 103.5 -110
    • Over 108.5 +300
    • Under 108.5 -400
  • New York Yankees
    • Over 101.5 -110
    • Under 101.5 -110

The teams close to 100 projected wins include the Minnesota Twins (98.5) and Atlanta Braves (93.5).

If you just want to bet on the projected win totals for one of those teams, you absolutely can—but how about making it a little more interesting?

How about betting on how many teams will win 100+games? Draft Kings is offering odds on how many will do just that (excluding playoffs):

  • Number of Teams to win at least 100 games – Excluding Playoffs
    • Over 1.5 -455
    • Under 1.5 +325
    • Over 2.5 -134
    • Under 2.5 +108
    • Over 3.5 +250
    • Under 3.5 -335

Now that makes it a little more interesting, huh? But as nice as ‘interesting’ is, what really matters is who has a legitimate shot at reaching the 100-win milestone?

Winning 100 out of 162 regular-season games is a pretty daunting task. Over the course of 127 MLB seasons, it has only been done 105 times. That may sound like a lot, but that also means that it has happened at a rate of less than a team a season. In fact, there have only been 23 seasons in which more than one got it done. Three teams have won 100+ in the same season just three times (2018, 2017, 2003, 2002, 1998, 1977, and 1942).

So, while these odds give the chance of three teams winning 100+ gams a 57.26 percent chance, it doesn’t happen all that often. The question, of course, going forward, is whether this year could be one of those years.

According to their current win rates heading into the All-Star break, the Yankees are shaping up to win 105 games, the Astros 103 games, and the Dodgers 106 games. That doesn’t exactly leave a whole lot of room for error should anyone hit a slump or lose a few key guys to injury.

But there could be a few others. The Braves are currently on a pace for 96 wins, the Rays for 92-93 wins, the Indians 92, and the Twins are on pace for 102.

So, there is a possibility that four could do it this year. Should it happen—it will be an MLB-first.




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