The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast September 15, 2020

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast September 15, 2020

It is a very busy time of year in so many ways, but host Adam Burke doesn’t want you to forget about baseball. There are 12 days left in the regular season, so things are winding down a little bit, but Adam still brought listeners another edition of The Bettor’s Box on September 15 as part of our Radio family of shows.

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Host Adam Burke was back with a rather contemplative edition of The Bettor’s Box on Tuesday September 15. He talked a lot about evaluating how this season has gone and about the processes and methods that he uses to handicap. After taking a look at offense for the past week to offer up some thoughts on what to watch for as the regular season comes to a close, Adam wondered aloud whether smaller sample sizes are worth factoring into the handicap.

As an ardent believer in sabermetrics, sample sizes are critically important, but it may simply be that MLB teams go through form cycles like teams in all of the other sports. Along with those thoughts, Adam talked about handicapping mindsets of teams with just 12 days left in the regular season. He also talked about line moves in the marketplace and what he has his sights set on for some potential plays on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

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