In the past, the New York Mets have said they were willing to listen to trade offers for Noah Syndergaard. But then it was more like they just wanted to see what teams would offer. This time, if you believe what some rival evaluators think, they are serious about it. They want to move him.

With the trade deadline fast approaching, if a deal is going to be made, it will need to be made soon. So—if the Mets are really willing to sell one of the better young pitchers in the game, who’s buying?

The oddsmakers at have placed odds on where they think he could be playing after the trade deadline:

  • What Team Will Noah Syndergaard Play For After The 2019 MLB Trade Deadline?
    • New York Mets -300
    • New York Yankees +600
    • San Diego Padres +700
    • Houston Astros +850
    • Milwaukee Brewers +850
    • Oakland Athletics +1200

They think there is a 75 percent chance that he could be staying with the Mets. In the past, that number would have been spot on because they were not serious about trading him. While they supposedly are this year, the question may be whether anyone is going to be willing to pay their price (rumored to be a top 30 prospect and a couple of additional good pieces).

Then again, we are talking about a player that could give his new team just the boost they need. This season hasn’t been his best (7-5, 4.33 ERA, 1.26 WHIP), but he has a 3.21 career ERA. His last three seasons saw him earn a 3.03, 2.97, and 2.60 ERA.

He is better than he has shown this season. Maybe what he needs is a new environment to get back to throwing as well as he can. It worked for Justin Verlander when the Astros acquired him in 2017. He had a 3.82 ERA and a 1.28 WHIP during his time with the Tigers. After Houston acquired him, he had a 1.06 ERA and a 0.65 WHIP.

Anyone interested in trading for him will be thinking about the pitcher he has been for the last four seasons, not this season—and a few are said to be interested.

The Yankees could certainly use him; the 19-3 shellacking they recently suffered at the hands of the Red Sox is evidence of that. However, they may not be willing to meet the Mets price tag; the Mets may also not be too keen on helping out their crosstown rival.

For the same reason, they may balk at another team that could come calling—the Atlanta Braves a division rival. San Diego is believed to have interest and the farm system to give the Mets what they want. But the Padres are not going anywhere this season making it unlikely Syndergaard would want to go there.

Houston could absolutely use him. Not only does he fill a need right now, but if the team can’t sign Gerrit Cole once he becomes a free agent after the season, he’ll fill an even more significant role next season. But the Astros may have trouble meeting their price.

If he goes anywhere, it will likely be Houston. But don’t be shocked if he ends up remaining with the Mets.


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