MLB World Series Odds: Who Is Going To Win?

MLB World Series Odds: Who Is Going To Win?

There were times when the baseball gods made us nervous, but now that the playoffs are underway, it looks like the 2020 MLB season will finish. That, of course, means that we will be crowning a new world champion when someone wins the World Series later this month.

But who will that team be?

Oddsmakers at and just about every other sportsbook have the Dodgers with the best odds followed by the Yankees and Rays:

  • World Series Winner
    • Los Angeles Dodgers +300
    • New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays +360
    • Atlanta Braves +750
    • Houston Astros +1100
    • Oakland Athletics +1600
    • Chicago White Sox +1800
    • San Diego Padres +2000
    • Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins +2500
    • Chicago Cubs +3000
    • Milwaukee Brewers +8000

The Dodgers have been the team to beat all season long. They finished the regular season with the best record (43-17). Their pitching staff finished with the league’s lowest ERA (3.02), WHIP (1.06), and batting average allowed (.213). On the offensive end, they were not half bad, either with 118 home runs (118; first), a .821 OPS (second), and a .483 slugging percentage (tied for first).

They could lock up their spot in the NLDS Thursday night with a win over the Brewers (which explains their extremely long odds).

New York had many worried coming into the postseason since they had not played particularly well down the stretch. But after sweeping the Cleveland Indians in two games (12-3, 10-9), confidence is on the rise in them once again. However, they face the AL East winners in the ALDS, the Tampa Bay Rays.

Tampa Bay managed to unseat the Yankees on top of the AL East, finishing the year with a seven-game cushion. During the regular season, they went 8-2 against the Yankees. But eliminating them from the postseason is not going to be as easy.

The Yankees upped their game during their wild-card round. Tampa Bay will need to do the same in the ALDS.

Atlanta has good odds, and the Braves were one of the better teams in the league during regular season play. The surprise of the playoffs, though, has to be the Houston Astros. After limping into the playoffs with a losing record and a roster devastated by injuries, they dispatched the Minnesota Twins in two games (4-1, 3-1).

They will face the winner between the Athletics and White Sox in the ALDS. Houston was 3-7 against the Athletics in the regular season but did not face the White Sox. The A’s-White Sox series will finish on Thursday.

As for the rest of the field, the Padres had a great regular season but could be eliminated from the playoffs Thursday night. Miami would make for a fantastic story, but does anyone really think the Marlins can win the World Series?

So—who should you bet on?

The Dodgers are the easy, safe bet, of course. They have been dominant all year long and do not look like they are ready to slow down. However, if you want a good dark horse candidate, consider the Houston Astros.

Yes, they have been devastated by injuries, and many guys struggled during the regular season. But they have several veterans that know how to get the job done in the postseason and a ton of young talent.

Oh—and go ahead and put your pocket change on the Marlins. You know—just in case.

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