MLB Betting Prop Tip: Could There Be A Sweep In The World Series?

MLB Betting Prop Tip: Could There Be A Sweep In The World Series?

The ALCS an NLCS have only just begun, but considering who is playing in each, there is one question that is eventually going to be discussed by the fans and experts alike. With the two teams perceived to be the best in the NL knocked out, is there a chance t the winner of the ALCS sweeps the winner of the NLCS in the World Series?

It doesn’t matter if the ALCS winner is the Houston Astros or New York Yankees. Will one of them sweep the over-performing Nationals or Cardinals?

FanDuel has posted odds for those who think they know the answer:

  • Will there be a sweep in the World Series?
    • Yes +600
    • No -1100

Those odds only give the possibility of sweep happening a 14.29 percent chance—which just a little less than the percentage of time the Series has been won with a sweep (16.67 percent; 19 of 114 World Series have ended with the winner going 4-0; twice the Series has finished 4-0-1).

So—is it going to happen this year? Will someone get swept?

When the world assumed the National League was going to be represented by either the Dodgers or the Braves, the possibility of a sweep was the furthest thing from reality. Yes, the New York Yankees and Houston Astros are two of the most dominant teams in recent history. But the Dodgers were in the same category as them with the Braves not far behind.

But then they both were defeated in the NLDS. With either the Astros or Yankees representing the ALCS, it is not hard to imagine either being capable of winning four in a row over the Nationals or Cardinals. It’s not that the Nationals or Cardinals are not good teams. But from a statistical perspective, the Astros and Yankees are much better.

With how the NLCS is going, it is looking like the NL representative this year is going to be Washington. So—can the Yankees or Astros sweep them?

On paper, it looks like the answer to that question would be ‘yes.’ The Nationals don’t have the power the Yankees or Astros do, but they will put the ball in play (batting average of .265; Yankees– .267, Astros– .274). However, their pitching staff, based on their regular season stats, could hold them back (ERA of 4.27).

However, if you just look at how they have been playing in the NLCS, they may be capable of being the team that does the shutting out. Anibal Sanchez threw an absolute gem in Game One, and Max Scherzer did the same in Game Two.

If the Cardinals were to pull out a surprise win in the NLCS, then there would absolutely be a good chance for a sweep. But with how the Nationals are playing the last two games, it is hard to see them not winning at least one.

Will the Nats sweep the Yankees or Astros—no.

The smart money here is on ‘no,’ but at those odds, why bother putting your money on the line? There is value in taking ‘yes’ but don’t wager more than the cost of a few lattes.

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