MLB Betting Odds: PointsBet Offering Anti Houston Astros Wagers

MLB Betting Odds: PointsBet Offering Anti Houston Astros Wagers

Baseball fans everywhere are angry with the Houston Astros, and it is not hard to understand why—they cheated, and it worked. Not only did they win games, but they also won the World Series. Had they been caught and not won the Series, the fervor would have likely died down already.

But since they did win it, fans are still angry. Those who are really angry may be interested in a series of boosters being offered at

  • World Series Rematch
    • Los Angeles Dodgers To Beat Houston Astros In The 2020 World Series (Boosted From +1400) +1600

The Dodgers are expected to make it back to the World Series this season after missing out last year. But US Sportsbooks favor the Yankees to represent the AL followed closely by the Astros. So, it is not hard to imagine a scenario where the Dodgers and Astros meet in the World Series again.

But the Dodgers have wilted in the postseason the last three years. Yes, Houston cheated in 2017, but the Dodgers still didn’t play well. So, if the rematch happens, the Dodgers could easily lose again. But that is not why you should pass on this one.

Too many things have to happen for this one even to be a possibility.  Too many things can go wrong—so pass.

  • Al West Winner
    • Houston Astros To Not Win The Al West (Boosted From +190) +210

In a perfect world, most fans would like to see the Astros become this season’s Baltimore Orioles. But the fact of the matters is, the roster is a talented one. They are going to play good baseball this season. Will they cruise to another division win this season?

Probably not. But is there anyone in the division that has improved enough to win it? Oakland’s odds are +350, and the Angels have +650 odds. That means they have a 22.22 percent chance and a 13.33 percent chance, respectively.

Houston’s odds are -286 (74.09 percent chance). Pass on this one.

  • Houston Astros Win Total
    • Houston Astros To Win Less Than 90 Games (Boosted From +200) +230

Of course, for those betting based on their emotions, each one is a winner. It would be poetic justice for the Astros to make it back to the Series this year only to lose to the Los Angeles Dodgers. But it would be even better if they failed to win their division and even failed to win 90 games (meaning they likely don’t make the postseason).

However, more often than not, poetic justice only happens in the movies and revenge fantasies. Which wager, if any, is likely to pay off?

The Astros have won 100+ games in each of the last three years, including 101 in the year they were busted cheating in. But, if you believe them, they won more games the following two seasons playing honestly (103 and 107).

Losing Gerrit Cole is likely going to hurt, but the rotation is still good, and the lineup a talented one. is expecting a slight drop off and has their win total set at 94.5(over -121; under +100).

They are not going to be as good as last year. But to go from 107 to 89? Wishful thinking.

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