The All-Star Game is almost here which means the Home Run Derby is even closer. This year’s group of participants will feature some of the best, up-and-coming players that the game has to offer. Reigning NL MVP, Christian Yelich, will be taking part as will two promising young rookies, Pete Alonso and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

The rest of the field consists of Carlos Santana, Josh Bell, Alex Bregman, Joc Pederson, and Ronald Acuna Jr.

The Derby is a popular event because—well because everyone likes the long ball. So, many sportsbooks have been kind enough to offer odds on the winner. Yelich, of course, with an MLB-leading 31 home runs has the shortest odds (+275) followed by Mets rookie Pete Alonso (+400) and Blue Jays rookie Vladimir Guerro Jr (+500).

The rest of the odds (via are as follows:

  • Josh Bell +700
  • Ronald Acuna Jr. +700
  • Joc Pederson +800
  • Ale Bregman +800
  • Carlos Santana +900

Yelich is the easy choice, but Guerro Jr. has been getting a lot of attention despite having only hit eight home runs since getting called up. But it would be foolish to overlook Alonso (28 home runs) or Bell (+700).

Of course, with an event like this, it can be hard to decide who is going to win. With the odds everyone has the payout will not be a bad one—but you can make it better with a parlay. There is more risk when it comes to a parlay; if one leg fails, you lose.

But we bet because we want to win money, right? has posted odds on the first-round matchups:

  • Christian Yelich (-175) vs. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (+145)

Brewers fans may be more concerned about their star slugger destroying his swing, but he says that will not be an issue for him. Guerrero, on the other hand, plays for a team that isn’t going anywhere. So, If his swing gets altered, it doesn’t matter as much (which may be why he has been practicing for the Derby).

  • Pete Alonso (-200) vs. Carlos Santana (+160)

Alonso did not go more than three games without a home run through the first 86 games of the season. Santana got off to a slow start but has hit 19 in 84 games. However, 12 of them have come in Cleveland, giving him kind of a home-field advantage.

  • Josh Bell (-150) vs. Ronald Acuna Jr. (+120)

Bell has hit well, overall, this season but cooled down dramatically in June hitting just four home runs. However, four days into July he already has four for the month. Acuna hit 26 in only 111 games last season and is doing even better this season with 20 in 87 games, nine of which he hit in the last month.

  • Alex Bregman (-130) vs. Joc Pederson (+100)

Both are good hitters, but they have also had their issues. Bregman has struggled to hit at Cleveland’s Progressive field over the years (two career home runs in 11 games), and Pederson has done the majority of his damage at home (15 of 20).

Go with the favorites, and you win less, but if your parlay wins, you will still win more than if you had just bet on the winner.


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