Everybody Digs the Long Ball with this Home Run Promotion at PointsBet

Everybody Digs the Long Ball with this Home Run Promotion at PointsBet

It’s been said that chicks dig the long ball. So do bettors. And they’re really going to dig the long ball if they sign up and wager with PointsBet Sportsbook. There is a new “Make It Rain” promotion for the month of July at PointsBet and this is one that will get your attention.

If you place a minimum $50 pregame money line or run line bet on any team, you will get $10 in free bets for each home run your team hits in that game.

Any team. Every home run.

We cannot stress that enough. The fact is that you may be essentially doubling down a little bit win your winnings because the more dingers your team hits, the more likely they are to take down the victory and cash your money line or run line bet as well.

You’ve paid attention to Summer Camp, right? The ball has been flying out of the park at breakneck speed. Maybe the balls are juiced. Maybe pitchers aren’t locating well enough. Whatever the case, a lot of souvenirs will be landing in the empty seats at ballparks around the league early and often.

Remember, this promotion runs through all of July. PointsBet has some Crowd Booster Odds promotions going on for Opening Day on July 23 and July 24, but this home run promotion has the chance to be seriously lucrative for you because it will last eight days.

This is such a unique season in so many ways, but keep in mind that the season is starting in the heat of summer instead of the cool of the middle of spring. The ball is going to have a lot more carry with the hot and summery weather and that will take place while pitchers are still trying to get a feel for everything. PointsBet could be giving out a lot of $10 free bets over the next week.

All it takes is a $50 investment on the money line or the run line and the promotion will be activated.

If you don’t have an account at PointsBet, there is obviously no time like the present to sign up for one. PointsBet is alive and well in New Jersey, Indiana, and Iowa. More states are coming soon, but those are the three as the 2020 MLB season gets underway. The sign-up and deposit bonus through us here at ATS could be worth as much as $1,500 in free bets.

In other words, what are you waiting for? Sign up at PointsBet today to hit a home run of your own.

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