Best Options For Indiana Online Sports Betting

Best Options For Indiana Online Sports Betting

Choosing the right sportsbook for you is a really important part of the sports betting process. There are a lot of operators and there is a lot of competition in the ever-changing betting landscape.

We often get asked, what is the best sportsbook in Indiana? Hoosiers love betting, but they aren’t quite sure which place(s) to pick. Each sportsbook brings something different to the table. Some offer up a great initial deposit bonus, but then lack betting markets and betting odds once you get signed up. Some have a better live betting interface than others. Some are able to put their own unique spin on the betting world. Some take more deposit methods than others or process withdrawals faster.

While we have comprehensive breakdowns and reviews of all of the Indiana sportsbooks, we thought we would make it easy for you and answer the question here based on our own experiences and expertise with lots of years in the business.

Here are our recommendations based on what we’ve seen, what we’ve heard, and what we know about the top Indiana sportsbooks.

Best Sportsbooks In Indiana:

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PointsBet SportsbookPointsBet Sportsbook has taken the gambling world by storm and really stands out in the state of Indiana. This is a fun and different sports betting experience and pushing the envelope is something that should be done by everybody in this developing US climate.

PointsBet does have one of the biggest sign-up bonuses in the industry with up to $1500 in risk-free bets and that is a huge selling point to say the least. Another is PointsBetting. This alternative to traditional betting allows users to have a more high-risk, high-reward approach, as you make your picks, but your winnings multiply based on how “correct” your bet was.

For example, if you bet a team -7 in the NFL and they win by 21, you would win 14 times your bet amount because that team covered by so much. The higher degree of risk comes in when you consider that if that -7 favorite loses by 3, then you lose 10 times your wager amount. High-risk, high-reward, but potentially highly profitable.

While PointsBetting is what makes PointsBet unique, the Australia-based sports betting operator has assimilated well into the United States betting market with lots of promotions, including Crowd Booster odds in which a line goes up with every 100 bets.

There is just something about the entire PointsBet experience. The sleek layout with the contemporary color scheme is good on the eyes and easy to navigate. It feels like PointsBet is really doing its best to market to a new kind of player. The kind of player that was excited about the end of PASPA and the start of a new era of gambling. The kind of player that would understand the value of everything that PointsBet brings to the table.

This is Indiana’s best sportsbook for a variety of different reasons and we encourage you to see for yourself.

BetMGM SportsbookWe can’t mention just one because Indiana has several good sportsbook options. While PointsBet narrowly takes the top spot, lots of honorable mention goes to BetMGM Sportsbook.

MGM is known all across the world for luxurious casino resorts. They’ve brought the Las Vegas betting experience to Indiana and bettors love what they have gotten from the renowned sports betting operator. BetMGM doesn’t have the biggest bonus in Indiana, but this is an easy-to-use sports betting app and website with odds on everything you could imagine.

There are a lot of criteria when we evaluate the best sportsbooks in a given state and BetMGM checks all the boxes. Remember, the state of Nevada had betting apps long before PASPA was overturned by the US Supreme Court, so they had plenty of time to make sure that everything was exactly how they wanted it before releasing the app into other states.

As a result, the live betting interface is flawless. The app is easy to navigate and makes it simple to find the exact game or event that you are looking for. This is a company that has decades of experience in the sports betting business and you feel that from the second you sign up and make that first deposit.

You don’t get to be one of the gaming world’s preeminent and most trusted operators without doing right by your customers and BetMGM is definitely a place that you can feel confident placing your bets.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Sign up and see for yourself