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Hey! I’m Ren, a 23 year old writer from Seattle. I live here with my girlfriend and three ultra-lively cats. I love playing video games and consuming anything sports! I’ve been an avid NBA basketball fan for more than a decade, and can appreciate sports of any kind. Since Seattle was robbed of a team, I’m now a Thunder fan. Still waiting on our new team... Sports are more than just a game, they’re a way of bring us together and producing entertainment like no other. They can make us feel good and like we’re all a part of something bigger than ourselves. What else would prompt us to shout, “KOBE!” as we shoot our trash like a basketball into the wastebasket? (Although I won’t lie, I always yelled, “MELO!”) Sports let you live a little. They take you back to that time you were a kid and had a big dream of the spotlights raining down on you. They give you joy

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