2019-2020 NHL Stanley Cup Championship Odds

2019-2020 NHL Stanley Cup Championship Odds
Boston Bruins+750+900
Vegas Golden Knights+850+900
Colorado Avalanche+900+1100
Tampa Bay Lightning+1000+900
Toronto Maple Leafs+1000+1300
Nashville Predators+1400+1400
Carolina Hurricanes+1500+1400
Washington Capitals+1500+1500
St. Louis Blues+1800+1800
Florida Panthers+2000+3200
Pittsburgh Penguins+2000+1900
Vancouver Canucks+2000+3300
New York Islanders+2200+1700
Dallas Stars+2500+2300
Arizona Coyotes+3000+2700
Calgary Flames+3000+1800
Edmonton Oilers+3000+2700
San Jose Sharks+3000+3500
Buffalo Sabres+4000+3000
Montreal Canadiens+4000+3200
Winnipeg Jets+4500+4000
New Jersey Devils+5000+6500
New York Rangers+5000+8500
Philadelphia Flyers+5000+3500
Chicago Blackhawks+7000+7000
Anaheim Ducks+10000+4000
Columbus Blue Jackets+10000+6000
Minnesota Wild+10000+7500
Detroit Red Wings+30000+25000
Los Angeles Kings+30000+12500
Ottawa Senators+30000+45000
Updated 11/04/2020

2019-2020 NHL Stanley Cup Championship Odds Betting Preview

What we’re seeing these days in the major pro leagues is that the teams that are expected to be good start out well and end the season well. What happens when the playoffs roll around is another story, but there are a lot of haves and have nots in the world of sports these days.

It turns out that the NHL is no different. The teams that were supposed to be good before the season began started out the season well and gave themselves a good head start on making it into the playoffs. Boston, Vegas, Colorado, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Carolina, Washington, and St. Louis have all seen minor shifts up or down in their futures prices since before the start of the season.

The futures markets in the NHL and NBA generally don’t move all that much. A major injury would have an impact on the betting odds, but the ebbs and flows of the season that teams go through doesn’t have much of a day-to-day impact. Over the course of 82 games, the cream will always rise to the top. We rarely see an instance in the present day of teams with high expectations failing to make the playoffs.

Preseason favorites like Boston, Vegas, and Tampa Bay have seen minor movements in their odds. Even in the face of injuries, teams like Colorado, who spent some time without Gabriel Landeskog early in the season, and Toronto, who lost John Tavares for a bit, saw very mild moves down in some instances. Once those players return to the lineup, the odds generally revert back to where they were.

There have been a few early-season surprises. Dallas has gotten off to such a bad start that DraftKings and PointsBet are unsure if the Stars will align for Dallas to make a deep playoff run. They are one of the big fallers early in the season. San Jose has fallen a little bit as well, as the goaltending questions of last season are back and maybe bigger than ever.

Strong starts from the Edmonton Oilers and the Buffalo Sabres have caused a ripple effect at the bottom of the board. Ottawa, Los Angeles, and Detroit still reside among the league’s bottom feeders, but the Oilers and Sabres are starting to move towards the middle as far as Stanley Cup odds. The same cannot be said of the Columbus Blue Jackets, who were thought to be in line for a major drop-off this season. That has not only come to fruition, but it may be worse than originally thought.

The goal with futures bets is to try and catch a team at a good price before they go on a run. A team like the Calgary Flames could make its way back up the board among the Western Conference favorites sooner rather than later. There is a lot of talent on display at the Saddledome and the Pacific Division features quite a few mediocre or worse teams.

On the Eastern Conference side, it’s fair to wonder how the Pittsburgh Penguins will look when they get healthy. No team in the East has been bit quite as badly by the injury bug as Pittsburgh. We may not have reached a buy point just yet, but the Penguins are getting more bodies back in the lineup and they could be poised for a push once everybody is back in the fold.

The Florida Panthers are another team to watch. Their play has improved and a world-class goaltender like Sergei Bobrovsky is only going to struggle for so long.

Try to hop on these teams at a good buy low point and stay away from the sell high types of teams.

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