Should The Possibility Of Kevin Durant Playing In Game Five Change How You Bet?

Should The Possibility Of Kevin Durant Playing In Game Five Change How You Bet?

The NBA Finals have not gone how most basketball fans assumed they would go. No one thought that the Toronto Raptors would be dominating the series like they are (so far). If anything, most assumed that it would be the other way around. But the Warriors have struggled, and while the Raptors deserve all the credit in the world, the absence of one player has made it easier.

As it turns out, there is a chance Kevin Durant could play in Game Five.

Durant did practice with the team on Sunday in Toronto. While there have been no reports as to what he did or how well, he was seen leaving the arena with an ice bag on his right calf and right Achilles—but with no visible limp.

Does that mean he is going to play? Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has said that he could see playing Durant after one practice. But we don’t know what they had him do, how well he did it, or how he feels What we do know is that Durant is now officially listed as questionable.

The possibility of Durant playing as caused the line to move at sportsbooks. At, the spread is now Toronto by two with the money line at -120 for the Raptors and +100 for the Warriors (down from -155 and +135).

Odds to win the series now sit at -550 for the Raptors and +445 for the Warriors.

Fans can look at the current situation in one of two ways. They could assume that the Warriors are done and that there is no sense in betting on them while the odds are as high as they are. But they could also take the possibility of Durant playing and envision a scenario where he explodes in Game Five and leads the Warriors to victory.

He then continues to stay red-hot and blows up in Game Six back in Oakland effectively forcing a Game Seven in Toronto. With the series and his legacy with the Warriors on the line, he has another stellar performance in Game Seven, and Golden State wins the title.

For his heroics, he wins the NBA Finals MVP even though he only appeared in three games. His odds to win Finals MVP at are +2500.

What is a gambler to do?

Well, the safe bet would be to take the Raptors to win Monday night and close out the series. The odds are all in Toronto’s favor right now so the payout will not be huge, but it’s better than losing. On the other hand, you could go over to and roll the dice with a parlay:

  • Warriors to win Game Five -105
  • Warriors to win series +420
  • Warriors to win series in seven, 4-3 +475
  • Series to go seven games +220
  • Kevin Durant to win MVP +2500

According to a parlay calculator at, a $100 bet will pay out $481,366.51. So, would you rather play it safe and not lose anything or roll the dice and win big?

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