Pistons, Hornets playoff hopes come down to final whistle

Pistons, Hornets playoff hopes come down to final whistle

The final night of the NBA regular season must go on despite a thrilling Tuesday night on and off the court. There is one playoff spot up for grabs in the Eastern Conference. Surprisingly, the Miami Heat are out of it. However, the Charlotte Hornets (39-42) and Detroit Pistons (40-41) will come down to the final whistle.

The Pistons had to storm back from a 19-point halftime deficit to the Memphis Grizzlies. It would have been an epic failure on the Pistons’ side of things. However, they used a 36-14 fourth quarter run to defeat the Grizzlies, 100-93. Therefore, it’s not a guarantee that the Pistons are able to run through the New York Knicks on the final night of the season.

Meanwhile, the Hornets won their fourth straight game to stay within a game of the Pistons on the final night of the season. The Hornets trounced the Cleveland Cavaliers 124-97 on Tuesday. They also dominated the season series against the Pistons. As a result, the Hornets just need an equal record by season’s end.

Meaning, their battle with the Orlando Magic has the chance to mean everything or nothing at all. The Magic still have a chance to earn the No. 6 playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. Therefore, we may see them put together a strong effort in the season finale. Still, their playoff hopes are set for the weekend. They won’t have the same ambition as the Hornets, necessarily.

Both games start at 8:00 p.m. ET. Therefore, we may see plenty of scoreboard watching on both ends. For example, if the Hornets take an early lead, the Pistons will know they need to win.

The Hornets are 1.5 point favorites over the Magic. The Pistons are 9.5 point favorites over the Knicks. If the Pistons win, every playoff team will have at least a .500 record in the NBA. A loss means an under .500 team will be in the postseason.

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