Odds Favor Kevin Durant Staying Put—Not Joining The Knicks

Odds Favor Kevin Durant Staying Put—Not Joining The Knicks

Kevin Durant is going to have a decision to make at the end of the season. To some, it should be an easy one, but to others just the opposite. It all depends on how you want to look at it. Should he remain an integral member of one of (if not the) best team in the NBA?

Maybe he should he take his considerable talents elsewhere; perhaps, to a team that needs someone like him much more than the Golden State Warriors do.

Does he want to stay with the Golden State Warriors or move and play for the New York Knicks?

Those are not the only teams the pending free agent can sign with, but the Warriors and Knicks are the two most expect him to sign with. For those who think he may go elsewhere once free agency begins, MyBookie.ag is giving odds on a few teams, along with the Knicks and Warriors:

  • Golden State Warriors -150
  • New York Knicks +100
  • Brooklyn Nets +400
  • Los Angeles Clippers +400
  • Los Angeles Lakers +400
  • Field

So—where is he going to go?

The Lakers can be disregarded as an option right off the bat. He wants to prove he is the best player on the planet. That is not something he can do while playing with LeBron James. Many in the media believe he will join the Knicks because he wants to former a ‘super team’ and take down his old team. But those rumors are nothing more than—well, rumors. They have no substance to them.

If he were to join a team in Los Angeles, it is more believable that he would go for the Clippers. They don’t really have a marketable superstar right now. So, he would come in and immediately be the focal point of the offense while everyone else plays a role.

It would be all eyes on him—which he would like.

The case for the Nets would be pretty similar to that of the Clippers. They are the other team in New York City, and they have a good cast of support/role players in place but no superstar. Reports have claimed that he is going to ‘consider’ the Nets, but that could mean anything.

That leaves the Knicks and his current team, the Warriors.

The smart play would be to stay with Golden State. There is probably a good chance the Warriors resign DeMarcus Cousins this year since his ‘prove-it’ year was interrupted by another injury. It wouldn’t be shocking if Klay Thompson walks after the Warriors fail to pay him what he feels he is worth. That would officially make the Warriors the Steph Curry and Kevin Durant show.

It already has been, but it would become official.

They will pay him a boatload of money, he will get the chance to shine as he wants, and he will win a few more titles. In New York, he might be lucky to make the playoffs—even if Kyrie Irving joins him.

However, Kevin Durant walks to the beat of his own drummer. He will make a decision that will make perfect sense to him that may confound the rest of us. Since he doesn’t talk about free agency, there is no real way to know which way he is leaning.

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