NBA Free Agency Odds: Who Is Spending The Most And How Much?

NBA Free Agency Odds: Who Is Spending The Most And How Much?

Free agency will always be a hot topic in NBA circles. Fans will always be looking to discuss who is going to go where and how much money they are going to get paid. With the frequency in which marquee players switch teams these days, there will likely never be a shortage of guys to talk about.

That is certainly the case this year as the moratorium period fast approaches (June 30 at 6 PM) as well as the official start to free agency (July 6). With a number of teams freeing up space for one or two max contracts, a lot of money is expected to be spent in the days ahead.

But the question fans are eager to see the answer to is by who and how much. If any fans care to venture a guess, has a pair of prop bets they may want to wager on:

  • Value of largest NBA free agent deal

o    Over $195.5 million     +110

o    Under $195.5 million     -150

This one is a little easier to speculate on since there are only two guys that can sign for over $195.5 million—Kevin Durant and Kemba Walker. Both can sign with their current teams for five-year deals worth $221 million. If they sign somewhere else, they will still get paid insanely well (Durant– $160 million; Walker– $140 million), but not nearly as much.

As free agency approaches, neither player is expected to sign with their current team. Of the two, Walker is more likely to since he has expressed a desire to stay in Charlotte and a willingness to take less money.

But most expect the chance to go from one of the worst teams in the NBA to one of the better ones worth taking a pass on a super max deal. So, take the under.

  • Which team will spend the most during free agency?

o    Brooklyn Nets     -300

o    Los Angeles Clippers     +325

o    New York Knicks      +350

The salary cap is expected to be in the vicinity of $109 million next season with the luxury tax threshold at $132 million.

This one appears relatively easy to speculate on as well. The Nets have the most available cap space at around $67 million followed by the Knicks with around $60 million. The 76ers, Kings, and Clippers are projected to have space in the $50+ million range.

Just because a team has space does not mean they are going to use it. But both the Knicks and Nets are expected to do just that—for the same guys, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.  Both have been tied to the Knicks for months, but recently the focus has shifted to the Nets. So, whoever signs them will clearly be the big spender.

However, it would not be wise to discount the Clippers. They have been expected to steal Kawhi Leonard away from the Toronto Raptors (but the Raptors are now favored to keep him). Rumor has it that Leonard and Jimmy Butler may be interested in teaming up with the Clippers.

Just because the Clippers don’t have space right now doesn’t mean they can’t create it before free agency begins.

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