NBA Championship Odds: the State of California vs. the Field

NBA Championship Odds: the State of California vs. the Field

The general perception this year is that the NBA Championship is going to come down to a team from Los Angeles or the Milwaukee Bucks. Last season, the Lakers were expected to be in the mix, but then an injury to LeBron James and an overall meltdown put an end to that pipedream.

Milwaukee, on the other hand, remained a favorite until the Toronto Raptors brought their season to an end.

Betting on favorites can be a tricky business, especially when they are all an injury away from becoming mortal. Yes, the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks are likely going to be the champion when the season ends. But the Rockets, Nuggets, Raptors, Celtics, Heat, Mavericks and 76ers are going to have something to say about that.

Will they be able to say enough to change the narrative most people are expecting? It’s possible.

To that end, wants to give you a chance to better your shot at making a winning bet for the NBA Championship this season:  the State of California vs. the Field.

  • Non-California Team to Win the NBA Championship -143
  • Clippers, Lakers, Warriors or Kings to win the NBA Championship +100

Golden State is looking like a lock for a lottery pick this season, so they don’t really factor in. The Sacramento Kings are competitive this year but are currently four games out of the playoffs. Barring a meltdown by the Mavericks, the best they can hope for is the No. 8 seed—which means getting eliminated by the Lakers in the first round.

It is really more like the City of Los Angeles vs. the Field. The Field does have some good teams in it. There’s Milwaukee, of course. But Toronto is playing well this season as are the Celtics and Heat. Indiana could become interesting with a healthy Victor Oladipo, and the 76ers are going to be a tough out as well.

So, the Field is not going to be a pushover. But is it worth it to take the Clippers and Lakers over the Field (the Bucks—let’s be real here)? currently has the Bucks at +240, the Lakers at +260, and the Clippers at +350. The Houston Rockets are in a distant fourth at +1100. The next best odds for an Eastern Conference team are the +1800 odds the Raptors and Celtics have.

If the odds and the standings tell us anything, it is that the eventual winner is going to be one of those three as long as nothing crazy happens. So, with that in mind, how should you bet?

For Bucks fans or fans of anyone else in the Eastern Conference, you might as well put it all on the team. Right now, it is hard to see anyone other than the Bucks winning the East. So, why not put your money on their +240 odds?

As for the California (Lakers/Clippers) option—split your money; put some on the team you want to back and the rest on a California team to win it all. That way, you can benefit from the higher payout but then still take a little money home if the other LA team wins.

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