Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors Game 3 Betting Odds & Preview

Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors Game 3 Betting Odds & Preview

After a pair of games, the Milwaukee Bucks head to Toronto with a 2-0 series lead over the Raptors. While Game 1 showed Milwaukee’s rust, Game 2 was an entirely different story as they completely controlled the pace from the beginning. Now facing an 0-2 hole, the Raptors will need a win tonight at home to avoid the point of no return. Do the Bucks continue their outstanding play or does Toronto have something better to answer?

[1] Milwaukee Bucks (2-0) @ [2] Toronto Raptors (0-2)

Giannis was simply superb once again in Game 2, leading Milwaukee to a 64-39 lead at halftime. Toronto managed to find their offense in the second half, as they managed to actually outscoure the Bucks 64-61. Their minor advantage in the second half wasn’t anywhere near enough to make up for a disastrous first half, which resulted in the Bucks winning 125-103. If the Raptors want any chance to win this series, they must win here tonight.



The Bucks didn’t have an excellent performance from Brook Lopez in Game 2 like they did in Game 1, but it didn’t matter because their bench was overwhelming. Milwaukee has thoroughly looked like the best team in the East during this playoff series, but they’ll need to reaffirm that declaration by winning at least once on the road. The Bucks are 4-0 on the road during the playoffs, but Toronto is the best team they’ve faced.

  • Despite average 43-92 (46.7%) shooting from the field and 13-41 (31.7%) from deep, the Bucks did have 27 team assists and just 7 turnovers.
  • The bench mob was simply fantastic. In Game 2, their bench scored an incredible 54 points to back up their MVP.
  • Milwaukee completely outrebounded the Raptors. The final margin was 53-40 last game, as they also had 11 offensive boards.
  • Giannis had 30 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 blocks on 10-20 shooting.


The Raptors had a perfect opportunity to win in Game 1, but superior execution from the Bucks gave them the win. Game 2 was a thorough beating, as Kawhi just couldn’t manage to carry the Raptors through yet another game. If it wasn’t for great production from the bench, Toronto would’ve lost by a much larger margin. Now that they’re back playing at home, they surely have to play better than they did last match. If they don’t, their Finals hopes will evaporate.

  • The Raptors just couldn’t keep their hand out of the cookie jar in Game 2. They finished with 30 total fouls, resulting in 26-35 free throw shooting from the Bucks.
  • Where would Toronto have been without their bench? They were still clearly lost, but their bench had 39 combined points. The combined point total of their starters not named Kawhi? Just 33 points. Kawhi’s points? 31.
  • Has anyone seen Pascal Siakam? The Raptors certainly haven’t, because he had just 8 points and 2 rebounds before fouling out of Game 2.
  • Even more concerning, key trade acquisition Marc Gasol had just 2 points and 5 rebounds.

Pick: Milwaukee Bucks +2.5

Considering how Game 2 went, it is a little surprising to see Toronto as favorites heading into Game 3. The Raptors’ big men looked downright anemic last game, which really pushes all the focus onto Kawhi. Lowry wasn’t great like he was in Game 1, which meant the Raptors had no chance of keeping the game close. If the Raptors require a fantastic performance from someone not named Kawhi Leonard just to keep the game close, they don’t have a chance of winning this series. For that reason, your best bet is on Milwaukee winning tonight to take a 3-0 series lead.

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