NFL Head Coach Of The Year Honors Odds: Who Is Going To Win?

NFL Head Coach Of The Year Honors Odds: Who Is Going To Win?

It is easy to judge who the best team in the NFL is—just look at their record. Whoever wins the most must be the best team in the league. Right? Some would say yes, but others would say no. They would say whoever wins the Super Bowl is. But we have seen in the past where a team gets hot in the playoffs and wins it all.

So, yeah— figuring out what team is the best is not a cut and dry process. There are all sorts of factors that have to be taken into consideration.

The same can be said for the candidates for Coach of the Year. has posted updated odds for the most likely candidates:

  • Sean Payton +130
  • Kyle Shanahan +250
  • Frank Reich +350
  • Bill Belichick +600
  • Pete Carroll +1600
  • Sean McDermott +1600

Freddie Kitchens was considered a prime candidate in the preseason. Had the Cleveland Browns lived up to the expectations everyone had for them, he still would be. But the Browns have clearly not lived up to anything this season—and neither has Kitchens.

In fact, he is among the favorites to get fired before the end of the regular season—which is not something often done to first-year head coaches.

But some head coaches have done great jobs this season. A case could probably be made for a few guys left off the list like maybe Andy Reid in Kansas City or John Harbaugh in Baltimore. But the listed names are the guys Bovada’s oddsmakers have odds for—and there are some great candidates in the bunch.

Bill Belichick deserves to win the award every year with the job that he does reinventing the Patriots and keeping them on top year after year. Pete Carroll is always in the running as well, and this year is no different. However, whether he is worth betting on this year could depend on whether the Seahawks beat the 49ers this week.

Sean McDermott deserves consideration for the job he is doing in Buffalo. But since the Bills do not get much national attention, he will probably not win despite their winning record.

At first glance, Sean Payton may not seem like the guy that should be the frontrunner. The Saints have been good in recent years, much like they are this season. So, what is so special about his coaching job this year?

Well, he did lose his superstar quarterback for a few weeks but didn’t lose a game.

On a similar note, Frank Reich deserves some serious consideration for keeping the Colts in contention despite Andrew Luck retiring weeks before the season started. He basically reinvented the team on the fly, and it worked.

But at the same time, now that he finally has a healthy roster, Kyle Shanahan has proven why he was the right man for the job in San Francisco.

So—how should you bet?

Sean Payton and Kyle Shanahan have both done tremendous jobs, but Frank Reich should run away with this one. To lose Andrew Luck a couple of weeks before the start of the regular season and to have the team still be so competitive is impressive—and definitely award-worthy.

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