Ohio House working to revise legislation for legal sports betting

Any attempts to legalize sports betting in Ohio have previously been stalled, but House Representative Dave Greenspan is actively working to change this. HB194 has been discussed in Ohio’s House Finance Committee four times already. Now, Representative Greenspan has added […]

Updates for Sports Betting Legalization in Maine and Ohio

The state of Maine is currently debating multiple bills that would legalize sports betting. Ohio is also working towards legalization, but the Senate and House have a different opinion on which organization should oversee gambling. Maine The state of Maine […]

The Ball Begins to Roll for Legalized Sports Betting in Ohio

The first step in the long process of legalizing sports gambling in the Buckeye State has begun.  Last week, Senate Bill 111 was introduced into the Ohio state legislature.  The bill would permit sports gambling in the state’s casinos and […]

First Ohio Sports Betting Bill Introduced

A bill that would legalize sports betting at both brick-and-mortar locations as well as through mobile betting platforms has been introduced in Ohio. This marks the first bill on file in one of the largest projected markets in the country. […]