Northwest U.S. sports betting news for Oregon and Montana

Oregon The Oregon State Lottery originally intended to have mobile sports betting available for the beginning of the NFL’s regular season, but it looks like that won’t be happening. Kerry Hemphill, who oversees the lottery’s sports betting division, indicates that […]

Montana Makes it Official, Sports Betting is Legalized!

Several states have been discussing sports betting legalization this year, but Montana has been one of the frontrunners to actually do so for a few months now. After approving a bill in both the state’s House and Senate, all that […]

After 2019 NCAA Tournament Ends, North Carolina Near Legalizing Sports Betting, Montana Close Behind

Both North Carolina and Montana have recently moved sports bills forward through lawmakers. North Carolina has always been a college sport powerhouse, making it a prime candidate for sports betting. Montana has already approved two separate bills that would expand […]

Montana Heading Towards Legalized Sports Betting, Bills Approved by House and Senate

Just this past Friday, both the Montana Senate and House approved separate bills that both lead towards legalized sports betting within the state. Although their bills differ in who oversees the gambling, they both agree on legalizing sports betting in […]

Sports Betting Gaining Traction In Montana

For the second straight week, lawmakers in Montana heard testimony about legalizing sports betting in the state. This time the bill is for HB 725, a bill that would make the Montana Lottery the regulator and sole operator for sports […]