California tribes pushing for legal sports betting on the 2020 ballot

Sports betting has been unbanned for roughly a year and a half now and nearly 20 states have individually legalized it. However, most of these states have fairly low populations in comparison to the rest of the U.S. California is […]

California Trying for Legal Sports Betting in 2020

The landscape of sports in the state of California is rapidly changing as we know it. Last month, the Senate for the state of California gave their overwhelming support for the Fair Pay to Play Act. This legislature, known as […]

The Fair Pay to Play Act from California is Huge for Legal Sports Betting

Just a few weeks ago, the Senate for the state of California approved an important sports betting bill that could have huge implications for the entire legal sports betting industry. The bill in question is SB 206, the Fair Pay […]

Legalized Sports Betting Still Far Away From Becoming A Reality in California

While California is arguably the state that with the biggest monetary potential when it comes to sports gambling profits – it is one of the states that is perhaps the furthest away from making legalized sports betting a reality.  California […]

California Sports Betting Initiative Dead Before It Even Begins

Bad news California residents. Legal sports betting will not be happening in your state this year, and 2020 may be a longshot as well. An initiative to authorize sports betting in California expired without enough signatures to qualify for the […]