Streaker Contest

Streaker Contest

Streak of 7: $25
Streak of 9: $50
Streak of 11: $100
Streak of 13: $200
Streak of 15: $300
Streak of 17: $1000
Streak of 21: $3000
Streak of 25: $5000

1. Each day make a pick from the available games. Limit one selection at a time, when current selection ends another can be made. In order for the pick to be submitted you must watch a 30 second video

2. Prizes will be awarded for the final streak length. You do not need to stop once you hit a prize! For example if your streak ends at 8 and there was a prize at 7. You win the 7-streak Prize

3. You must make a pick every 2 days or your streak will automatically cancel!

4. Prizes will be sent via Paypal or Check. Winners will be contacted via the messaging system on the app and/or email within 7 days of the streak finishing. 

5. 1 entry per user. IP-Violators & multiple accounts will forfeit winnings

6.  This contest is operated and run by ATS. Google & Apple are not involved in anyway.

7.  Users must verify their name, age and address up any winnings being released. 

8.  Any questions please message support or email

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