2019-2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 Futures Odds

2019-2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 Futures Odds

Super Bowl LIV, the 54th Super Bowl scheduled to be played on February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.  It is 50th modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship game, will decide the league champion for the league’s 2019 and 100th season. This will be the sixth Super Bowl hosted in Miami Gardens, with the last one being Super Bowl XLIV ten years ago.

** As of July 6, 2019

NFL FuturesSuperbowl 54 OddsConference OddsDivision Odds

Arizona Cardinals+10000+15000+10000+10500
Atlanta Falcons+2500+2000+4000+3750
Baltimore Ravens+2200+2000+2000+3700
Buffalo Bills+7500+15000+10000+9000
Carolina Panthers+6600+3000+6000+5700
Chicago Bears+1700+2000+1400+1500
Cincinnati Bengals+12500+6000+10000+16500
Cleveland Browns+2000+4000+2000+1425
Dallas Cowboys+2500+2500+1600+2830
Denver Broncos+7500+7000+6000+9000
Detroit Lions+10000+5000+10000+9000
Green Bay Packers+2500+1800+1600+1830
Houston Texans+2800+2500+2000+4500
Indianapolis Colts+1400+1400+2000+990
Jacksonville Jaguars+4000+3500+4000+4500
Kansas City Chiefs+750+900+600+710
LA Chargers+1400+1400+1400+1300
LA Rams+750+1100+800+1270
Miami Dolphins+15000+10000+30000+20000
Minnesota Vikings+2200+2000+1600+3030
New England Patriots+750+800+800+740
New Orleans Saints+750+900+800+1000
NY Giants+3300+5000+4000+11000
NY Jets+4000+8000+8000+7200
Oakland Raiders+12500+10000+10000+7500
Philadelphia Eagles+1600+1800+2000+1550
Pittsburgh Steelers+2200+1400+1400+2275
SF 49ers+3300+3500+5000+3900
Seattle Seahawks+2500+2500+3000+2825
Tampa Bay Bucs+4000+5000+8000+9000
Tennessee Titans+6000+5000+6000+6700
Washington Redskins+10000+10000+10000+10000

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