Mitch Garver Prop projections for Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners on Jun 12, 2024

Mitch Garver Player Prop: Hits

Hits Prop Odds:

  • Hits 0.5 over: -154
  • Hits 0.5 under: 112

Trends Favoring The Over Hits Prop

Mitch Garver pulls many of his flyballs (42.6% — 100th percentile) and sets up very well considering he'll be hitting them towards MLB's 9th-shallowest LF fences today.

Home field advantage generally boosts hitter metrics in all categories, and Mitch Garver will hold that advantage today.

Trends Favoring The Under Hits Prop

The leading projection system (THE BAT X) projects Mitch Garver in the 15th percentile when it comes to his BABIP talent.

Mitch Garver is projected to hit 7th in the lineup in this matchup.

In terms of temperature and humidity, the weather report forecasts the most suitable pitching conditions of the day.

Considering Jonathan Cannon's large platoon split, Mitch Garver will be at an enormous disadvantage hitting from the same side of the plate in today's matchup.

Mitch Garver Hits Prop Projection

Mitch Garver is projected to have 0.7 Hits in todays game.