Michael Wacha projections, stats and prop bet odds for Kansas City Royals at St. Louis Cardinals on Jul 10, 2024

Michael Wacha Player Prop Bet: Strikeouts

Strikeouts Prop Bet Odds:

  • Strikeouts 4.5 over: -146
  • Strikeouts 4.5 under: 114

Trends Favoring The Over Strikeouts Prop Bet

When assessing his strikeout talent, the leading projection system (THE BAT) places Michael Wacha in the 80th percentile among all SPs in the majors.

Recording 91.9 adjusted pitches per outing this year on average, Michael Wacha places in the 77th percentile.

Michael Wacha was rolling in his last outing and notched 8 strikeouts.

Michael Wacha's fastball velocity has risen 1.5 mph this year (92.9 mph) over where it was last season (91.4 mph).

This year, Michael Wacha has introduced a new pitch to his repertoire (a slider), throwing it on 6.9% of his pitches.

Trends Favoring The Under Strikeouts Prop Bet

According to the leading projection system (THE BAT), Salvador Perez (the Royals's expected catcher in today's matchup) grades out as a weak pitch framer.

The leading projection system (THE BAT) projects Busch Stadium as the 6th-worst park in MLB for strikeouts.

Michael Wacha will be at a disadvantage playing on the visting team in today's matchup.

Michael Wacha's 2126-rpm fastball spin rate this year is in the 19th percentile among all SPs.

Projection For Today's Michael Wacha Strikeouts Prop Bet

Michael Wacha is projected to have 5.1 Strikeouts in todays game.