Carlos Rodriguez Prop projections for Toronto Blue Jays at Milwaukee Brewers on Jun 11, 2024

Carlos Rodriguez Player Prop: Strikeouts

Strikeouts Prop Odds:

  • Strikeouts 4.5 over: 102
  • Strikeouts 4.5 under: -139

Trends Favoring The Over Strikeouts Prop

The #6 ballpark in the game for boosting strikeouts, per the leading projection system (THE BAT), is American Family Field.

According to the weather forecast, the temperature and humidity for this game will be the 5th-best for pitching of the day.

With 6 batters of the same handedness in the opposing team's projected lineup, Carlos Rodriguez figures to benefit from owning the platoon advantage in most plate appearances in this matchup.

Carlos Rodriguez will possess the home field advantage today, which ought to bolster all of his metrics across the board.

Trends Favoring The Under Strikeouts Prop

The leading projection system (THE BAT X) projects Carlos Rodriguez to throw 84 pitches in this matchup (6th-least of the day), considering both his underlying tendencies and the matchup.

The Toronto Blue Jays (20.7 K% (according to the leading projection system, THE BAT X) are forecasted to have the 3rd-least strikeout-prone team of batters of all teams on the slate.

Built 602 feet above sea level, American Family Field has the 8th-highest elevation in MLB, which often leads to higher offensive output.

Carlos Rodriguez Strikeouts Prop Projection

Carlos Rodriguez is projected to have 4.1 Strikeouts in todays game.