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Affiliate marketing happens in all industries. Some place write reviews of products from places like Amazon. Other places promote credit cards with bonus offers for travel miles and points that can be redeemed on hotels. Here at ATS, we review sportsbooks across the United States to give our readers an unbiased opinion of what each operator has to offer and to also provide our viewers with bonus offers and promo codes.

We review and evaluate the sportsbooks so that you don’t have to. We discuss the user experience, the pros and cons, the deposit and withdrawal methods, and the sports betting markets that are being offered so that you know exactly what you are getting when you sign up for an account.

In turn, if you sign up through us, you’ll get the best bonus offers available at those places and we’ll get some compensation of our own for a job well done in terms of reviewing the sportsbook. Think of it like advertising, but instead of paying us for space on the website, the sportsbooks give us a commission because you came here and we directed you there.

Why should I listen to ATS?

The people at ATS have a lot of experience in the sports betting industry. We know what users should be looking for and we know what we are looking for. You can read with confidence, knowing that we have put each operator under the microscope in order to present the information in a clear, concise, and unbiased manner.

Along with reviewing sportsbooks, we keep a handle on the industry to see which states are going online and to report on what has been happening in states that are already accepting legal wagers.

Our partners and affiliates respect us, which is why they extend special offers to our readers like free bets, no-deposit free bets, match bonuses, and some of the best registration deals in the industry.

Information and knowledge go a long way in this industry, not just in terms of being a winning bettor, but also in terms of making sure that your bankroll and your personal information are safe and safe secure. We carefully select the sportsbooks that we partner with because they fit our long list of requirements.

You’re just saying that to get your commissions!

Not true. If we feel like one of the sports betting operators isn’t worthy of your hard-earned money, we won’t promote them. We wouldn’t suggest a sportsbook that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We’re not in the business of selling you a lemon and calling it a Lamborghini. That doesn’t do us any good and it doesn’t do you any good.

The sportsbooks that we promote and align ourselves with have the values, technology, and selling points that we would be seeking out. They offer fair odds and user-friendly promotions. They have a live betting interface that won’t be a disappointment on the day of the big game. They won’t hold your winnings hostage. Our affiliates will be everything that you want in a sportsbook and more.

They deserve coverage. They deserve the chance to be on the pages of ATS and to be one of your preferred sportsbooks. Otherwise, we wouldn’t mention them by name.

Still have questions?

If you do have questions about the accuracy of our reviews or about the current promo and bonus codes, just send us an email at sales@ats.io.

Our website is designed to help you make the important decision about where to bet and if you need more information or just want to talk to somebody with a lot of industry experience, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Partnerships –

ATS.io & Draftkings have entered into a partnership where we (ATS.io) receives compensation for any referrals to DraftKings.