Alabama Betting Sites and Mobile Sportsbooks

It seems like tremendous strides have been made in a lot of states when it comes to legalized sports betting, even those states that were thought to be tough nuts to crack. For the most part, every state has entertained some sort of legislation or discussion regarding the pros and cons of legalized sports betting.

Even Alabama has engaged in those talks. Nothing has come of them yet, as the state of Alabama put forth a bill in 2019 that never really got off the ground and has commissioned a study for 2020 that likely won’t lead to any additional chatter until 2021.

Nevertheless, the fact that a state that only has a handful of tribal casinos and general opposition to the expansion of gaming has come to the table to talk about such matters is some light at the end of what is a very long tunnel.

After PASPA was overturned, there were some states that were locks to get legalized wagering, both retail and mobile/online, and some states that many experts thought never had a chance. Alabama is one that would have fallen into that second category, but there is a chance that sports betting will get approved via those tribal casinos, if the tribes put forth a strong effort and if the state hears what they have to say.

A large-scale approval of both retail and online wagering seems highly unlikely in 2021 and beyond unless something drastically changes, but as more and more states get on board, Alabama will have to take a long, hard look at the monies being lost to neighboring states, particularly if Georgia to the east and Florida to the south legalize sports betting.

How Do I Bet on Sports in Alabama?

Right now, you cannot bet on sports in the state of Alabama. However, retail sports betting is approved in Mississippi and that is a state that was one of the quickest to get up and running after PASPA was overturned in May 2018 by Murphy v. NCAA. With that in mind, Mississippi is a well-oiled machine by this point in time.

The closest casinos in Mississippi for residents of Alabama are either those down on the Gulf Coast in Biloxi or Bok Homa Casino in Heidelberg, which is in the lower middle of the state off of I-59.

A new option under development would be the state of Tennessee. Tennessee has no retail gaming locations, but the Volunteer State appears to be going full online and mobile sports betting in 2020. That would mean that all you would have to do is head north, get over the Tennessee border, sign up for the sportsbook(s) of your choice and you would be able to bet.

Geolocation tracking would pinpoint your physical location and you would have to be located in the state of Tennessee, but this will be an option for residents of places like Huntsville, Decatur, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa if they wanted to make the drive up to Tennessee.

Those are your two options while we wait to see if Alabama changes its tune and approves gaming at the tribal casinos or adopts some sort of mobile or online gaming setup.

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