PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Indiana Crowd Booster!

PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Indiana Crowd Booster!

PointsBet has rolled out the red carpet for the return of the NBA! There are three outstanding promotions available for NBA bettors and they are going to make the choice very easy as to the sportsbook that you want to use as your home for betting on basketball for the regular season and the playoffs.

Two of the promotions are applicable to bettors in every state and the last one is exclusive for those in Indiana, so let’s get right into it.

indiana crowd boosterOne of the most annoying things in sports betting is paying the juice. The vig is so frustrating. It is hard enough to pick the right teams to win or to cover the spread, but paying -115 or -120 or even higher is just one of those things that comes with the territory.

It doesn’t have to and it won’t for the NBA regular season at PointsBet. Instead of -110 on what’s left of the NBA regular season, PointsBet will be offering both sides of the game at +100. That’s right. Even money! No juice! This is only applicable for the regular season, so the eight games that each team will play in advance of the start of the playoffs.

This is a really big deal. At the standard vig of -110, you have to be right 52.38% of the time just to break even. At +100, you just have to be right more often than you are wrong. In other words, why would you bet the NBA regular season anywhere else?

NBA Insurance is also back. This applies to NBA money line wagers only, so the type of bet in which you are just picking the winner with no spread involved. If you make a money line wager and your team scores first, but loses the game, PointsBet will refund you up to $50 in free bets. This is an excellent offer as well. Score 1st Insurance is another promotion exclusively available at PointsBet.

Finally, Hoosiers, I’m talking to you. Crowd Booster odds are a really popular promotional tool for PointsBet, but they can also be a very lucrative tool for bettors. For every 100 bets that comes in on your Indiana Pacers, the line will increase for the game on August 1 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The line started at +4.5 on the Pacers, but has been bet all the way up to +13 at time of writing and now up to +20. The maximum bet amount is $25. You will get the closing line on the Pacers no matter what that is and no matter what the line was at the time that you bet. If you bet it at +20 and the line goes up to +25, you get +25 for your $25 bet.

Parlay Boosters and In-Play Parlays are among the other promotions being offered at PointsBet as they roll out the red carpet for the return of the NBA.

You know you are itching to bet on the NBA and we’ve given you a lot of reasons to do exactly that with PointsBet.

Sign up now and also get up to $1500 in free bets in addition to the crowd booster promos!.

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