Plethora of Promotions for Busy Sports Week at William Hill

Plethora of Promotions for Busy Sports Week at William Hill

These are busy times in the sports betting world. Finally.

As a result, all sportsbooks are willing to celebrate. We’ve talked about different promotions being offered across the industry and now it’s time to talk about the six outstanding promos available at William Hill.

William Hill has two NBA, one NHL, one soccer, and two MLB promotions running over the next few days that can add some extra money to your bankroll in a flash.

Let’s start with the NBA because those promotions start the soonest. The NBA Restart is on July 30 and you’re going to bet on it. We know it. You know it. William Hill knows it. So they’ve upped the ante a little bit.

Place a minimum $10 wager on both Thursday (7/30) NBA games and you’ll get a $10 cash credit. Because William Hill is trying to showcase its InPlay betting interface, the two bets have to be live bets during the game in order to get your $10 cash credit.

But we know you’re going to be watching. They know it, too.

The second basketball promotion is a really fun one. If you bet on all daily games from July 31 to August 7 and sweep the board, you will receive a $200 credit on top of your winnings. You have to bet at least $20 on each game and the maximum vig allowed is -120 on those wagers, but you’ll have the chance at a $200 credit if you fulfill the eligibility terms.

There are six games on 7/31, five games on 8/1, six games on 8/2, six games on 8/3, six games on 8/4, six games on 8/5, six games on 8/6, and six games on 8/7. It is a tall task to go 5-0 or 6-0, but that extra $200 credit makes it worth a try.

Moving from buckets to goals, there is a great NHL promotion for games being played from August 1 to August 9. If you place a minimum $25 pregame money line bet and your team blows a two-goal lead or more and loses, you’ll get a 50% cash credit back. This is known as the 2 Goal Melt promotion. This could happen with the high stakes of the qualifying round and what we anticipate to be iffy goaltending. This is a great safety net, pardon the pun, to be sure.

On the soccer side, this is a one-day thing on August 1 for Arsenal vs. Chelsea. Place your pregame money line bet and you’ll earn $5 for each goal scored by your team. If the goal is scored in extra time or on a PK, it will be worth $10! This is the Golden Goals soccer promo and you must bet at least $20 on a straight pregame wager on the “90 Minutes 3-Way Moneyline” to be eligible.

Finally, the baseball season is alive and well. That is why William Hill is offering the Bullpen Bucks and Play the Hits promotions.

Bullpen Bucks is simple. If your bet loses because of the bullpen, you’ll get $1 back for each run allowed by a reliever in innings 5-8 and $2 back for each run allowed in the ninth inning. This bet is valid for Sunday August 2 and you must meet the minimum money line wager criteria to be eligible.

The Play the Hits promotion applies to Dodgers vs. Padres on August 3. Bet at least $50 on the money line and get $1 per single, $2 per double, $3 per triple, $5 per home run, and $20 per grand slam from the team that you bet on.

Six ways to win more at William Hill Sportsbook. These promotions are valid in the state of New Jersey.

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